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Industrial and Commercial Bank of China reported net profit of 174.72 billion yuan, up 1.1% from a year earlier

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, September 01, 2023——Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (601398.SH) released i

2023-09-01 11:54

Cloud account Room 818 Finance and taxation festival released a new brand matrix, "Jingwei Caiyun" debuted

/PRCWT/Shanghai, August 22, 2023——Recently, the 2023 China Fiscal and Tax Service Expo and the fourt

2023-08-22 11:02

Export-import Bank Guangdong Branch strongly supports high-tech manufacturing enterprises

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, August 21, 2023——Recently, the Guangdong Branch of the Export-Import Bank of China

2023-08-21 11:55

The final of the first UV LED Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition will be held soon

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, August 18, 2023——The first domestic innovation and entrepreneurship competition pe

2023-08-18 15:02

The bank in Binjiang is injecting different financial vitality into the development of the artificial intelligence industry

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, August 14, 2023——Located on the first floor of the East TOWER of the West Bund Int

2023-08-14 15:23

The XbotPark Summer Financing Matchmaking Conference was successfully held to boost the development of high-potential startups

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, July 26, 2023——On June 29, the XbotPark Summer Financing Matchmaking Conference wa

2023-07-26 14:07

Youdao Cloud Note update: AI assistant helps efficient note management

Recently, NetEase's Youdao Cloud Notes updated to version 7.4.26, adding AI tools and dark mode (Bet

2023-07-21 17:44

Lenovo Tianxi 5X Smart Technology Engine: Savior Y9000K 2023 game book built-in pump technology

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, July 11, 2023——Recently, Lenovo introduced its new "Lenovo Tianxi 5X Smart Technol

2023-07-11 17:57

Export-import Bank Guangdong Branch supports the construction of Zhuhai 5.0 industrial new space

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, July 7, 2023——Recently, the Guangdong Branch of the Export-Import Bank of China is

2023-07-06 16:01

The final of the 2023 Global Digital Economy Innovation Competition will come to an end

On July 3, the last leg of the 2023 Global Digital Economy Innovation Competition ended in Beijing,

2023-07-05 15:05

Fang Sanwen, founder and chairman of Snowball, donated 10 million yuan to his Alma mater, Wuping No. 1 Middle School

On May 23, the centennial donation ceremony of Wuping No. 1 Middle School in Wuping County, Longyan

2023-07-05 15:03

Q4 Inc. Introduces First-of-its-Kind IR Event Management App to the Q4 Platform

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, june 6, 2023——Q4 Inc. (TSX: QFOR) (“Q4” or “the Company”), the leading capital mar

2023-06-06 11:08

Intel and BCG Announce Collaboration to Deliver Enterprise-Grade, Secure Generative AI

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, May 11, 2023——Pioneering Solution Powered by Intel AI Supercomputer Unlocks Busine

2023-05-11 09:48


/PRCWT/Guangzhou, April 25, 2023——First United Corporation (NASDAQ: FUNC), a bank holding company an

2023-04-25 09:42

JinkoSolar's Subsidiary Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. Announces Estimates of Certain Preliminary Unaudited Financial Results for First Quarter 2023

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, April 24, 2023——JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. ("JinkoSolar" or the "Company") (NYSE

2023-04-24 09:31

Rural Mutual Insurance Declares 5% Farm Dividend for Seventh Year

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, February 21, 2023——The Board of Directors for Rural Mutual Insurance Company decla

2023-02-21 14:50

How much do you know about accounting?

Accounting as accounting work, in fact, we should also know some knowledge, which can help our daily life more convenient, and then bring you some accounting knowledge. Accounting refers to the specific business of accounting, such as collecting, organizing, recording, calculating and reporting original documents. It requires specification

2022-12-28 14:09

What procedures do shareholders need to go through to change?

Shareholder change is followed by shareholder change, but the process of shareholder change is more complicated than simple shareholder change. So today will tell you how to make a shareholder change and what the procedures are. 1. Application for registration of company change signed by the legal representative (with the company's official seal upon receipt);

2022-12-28 14:08

What is the biggest advantage of looking for a professional bookkeeping company?

With the continuous development of market economy, small and medium-sized enterprises spring up like bamboo shoots after rain, and the accounting companies that suit them come into being. Let us take you inside the world of bookkeeping companies! Bookkeeping companies have outstanding advantages. As a novel accounting solution and a new social accounting service item, accounting firms are being promoted

2022-12-13 17:42

What is the specific process of accounting bookkeeping?

Accounting is the process of accounting for accounting. All kinds of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs often need to seek the help of accounting firms due to their business scale and other reasons. At this time, it is very important for everyone to understand the accounting process. The following Xiaobian will take you to understand the specific process of bookkeeping: according to the cashier handover

2022-12-12 17:35