Ntu alumnus Zhu Jie sponsored the first "Qunjie Cup" Case Classic Competition

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/ Aswuntong/Sep. 14, 2022 Guangzhou -- On August 26, 2022, the first "Qunjie Cup" Case Elite Competition of Nanjing University EMBA was successfully held in Hongyi Lecture Hall, Anzhong Building, Nanjing University, sponsored by EMBA Center of Nanjing University and sponsored by Jiangsu Qunjie Joint Science and Technology Co., LTD., founded by Zhu Jie, an alumnus of Nanjing University. The theme of this competition was "Alternative in New Tea Drink" : Breakthrough and Challenge of Misue Ice City ". 9 teams participated in the competition, and finally the "Unusual Team" of Class 1 Innovation 2021 won the champion.

Mr. Ai Bo, member of the Learning Security Committee of Nanjing University EMBA, International Business Administration Education Center; Mr. Deng Kun, Deputy general manager of Jiangsu Qunjie United of Things Technology Co., LTD.; Mr. Ding Lin, general manager of Nanjing Jinchuang Shucheng Culture Communication Co., LTD.; Mr. Guo, part-time tutor of International EMBA of Nanjing University, Partner of Ernst & Young Huaming Accounting Firm, Nanjing Branch Ms. Fu Yan, Professor Xu Xiaolin, Director of Case Center of Nanjing University Business School, Professor Song Peijian, Director of MBA Education Center of Nanjing University, Professor Geng Qiang, Director of Population Research Institute of Nanjing University, Professor Wang Yu, Department of Industrial Economics of Nanjing University Business School, and Associate Professor Lv Wei, Department of Accounting of Nanjing University Business School attended this activity and served as judges.

Qunjie is the pioneer and leader of the intelligent seal industry. After nearly 8 years of development, Qunjie has more than 200 employees, has 7 regional companies and set up service outlets in more than 30 cities, and has served more than 2500 government and enterprise customers, including nearly 100 top 500 customers in China.

Zhu Jie, the founder of Qunjie and an alumnus of Nanjing University, said: As an entrepreneur, I have gone through many detunities in the process of starting my own business, and at the same time I have accumulated some experience. In the process of studying in Nanjing University, my practical experience and theoretical knowledge have been effectively combined, and the systematic study of enterprise management and other knowledge has also provided me with new management ideas and methods in the process of Qunjie's operation. This sponsorship also hopes that through the case analysis and PK close to actual combat, the students can better grasp the management knowledge through the training battle combining theory and practice. At the same time, I would like to express my gratitude to Nantah for cultivating me and hope that Nantah can cultivate more outstanding talents to promote the development of the country and society.

After four hours of fierce competition, the unusual team from Class 2021 Innovation Class won the first place through wonderful performance and strong support force, and won the overall champion.

Xinyue Painting Team of EMBA Class 2021 and MEDWIN team of Medical Class 2020 won the second place; The Shangxia Quest Team of 2022 innovation Spring class, Zhongzhi Chengcheng Team of 2020 innovation autumn class, and Xinghe Team of 2021 Innovation Class 2 won the third place; The class of 2021 Dapeng Wings Team, the class of 2020 Innovation Spring Team Pioneer team, and the class of 2020 EMBA Eagle Youth team won the winning prizes.

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Bao Cong from the Innovation Team of Class 1 of 2021 won the Most Valuable Player Award (MVP) for his outstanding adaptability and clear logical thinking. Jiang Yuexiang from the EMBA Team of Class 2021 won the Best Style award for his unique charisma. The class of Grade 2021 won the best organization Award for its super organizational ability and strong cohesion.

Source: Corporate press release
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