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Zhiyun Health digital capability: Inject more momentum into the development of digital healthcare

/PRCWT/ Shenzhen, September 19——On September 16, at the "Smart Health and Data Ecology Forum" hosted

2023-09-19 16:14

2023 The 49th China International Medical Equipment Fair will be grandly opened in Jinan

/PRCWT/ Shandong, September 18——From September 22 to 24, with the theme of "Care for life, care for

2023-09-18 11:34

Asian Games torch relay Tomson Bijian helps Chinese sports with science and nutrition

/PRCWT/ Taizhou, September 14——On the morning of September 14, the torch relay of the 19th Asian Gam

2023-09-15 11:39

The launch ceremony of Maopu Herbal China Tour was held on September 15th!

/PRCWT/ Wuhan, September 14——Health is the greatest productivity, and the construction of a healthy

2023-09-14 14:38

Yuanda Health: Leading the concept of healthy and happy life, shaping China's water purification industry model

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, September 8——In today's era, health has been given unprecedented importance and ha

2023-09-08 14:35

Lunan Pharmaceutical works with Shandong Airlines to create a "National Fitness Day" themed flight

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, August 10, 2023——On August 8, "National Fitness Day", Lunan Pharmaceutical and Sha

2023-08-10 11:56

The 5th China Doctors Public Welfare Conference Little Scientist Summer Camp officially opened

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, July 26, 2023——On July 24, 2023, the Little Scientist - Oasis 10th Anniversary Pub

2023-07-26 14:01

That new-car smell may be a sign of exposure to a host of hazardous chemicals

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, April 17, 2023——A team of mechanical and civil engineers working with occupational

2023-04-17 09:34

People spend 1/6th of their lifetimes enhancing their appearance, says study

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, March 1, 2023——An international team including HSE researchers has conducted the l

2023-03-01 09:25

Study hints healthier school lunch can reduce obesity

A 2010 federal law that boosted nutrition standards for school meals may have begun to help slow the

2023-02-14 09:14

Six months rose powder 370,000! Health manager Dagang: Understanding the baby tree of mother and child users is the key to my success

/ Zhaomuntong/Sep. 01, 2022 Guangzhou -- "Baby Tree here focuses on pregnancy and childbearing, which is consistent with my professional direction. For me who focuses on popularization of parenting knowledge, it is an amplifier: recorded knowledge will have more opportunities to be seen by the appropriate crowd, and then be needed and trusted." Recently,2

2022-09-19 11:12

GEA Commercial cleaning products at Clean America Show

Guangzhou, Sep 01, 2022 -- On July 30 local time, Clean America, a biennial exhibition, opened at the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlanta. At the four-day show, Haier Intelligence's GE Appl

2022-09-15 14:18

Mid-Autumn Festival National Day food Fair, the window hand in hand Baixuan Tang best sea cucumber officially set sail

Guangzhou, Sep. 01, 2022 -- On the occasion of the reunion of relatives and friends, Zhejiang Food Market under Modern United Group and Shanhai Funongnong Excellent Products Exhibition Window jointly held the "Mid-Autumn Festival"

2022-09-15 14:18

Three grass and two wood new products on the market! Double Bubble cleansing opens up a new way to clean skin

Guangzhou, Sep 01, 2022 -- Air pollution, climate change, makeup residue... Are affecting the health of the skin. Women always in the pursuit of exquisite and beautiful road never stop, and the skin is our first outward appearance. However, a small detail is enough

2022-09-15 14:18

With the star's work, master 2022 hair care market traffic password

Guangzhou, August 26, 2022 -- Having soft, smooth hair can enhance one's appearance. Driven by the economy of appearance level and the concept of health and wellness, Chinese consumers have unleashed strong demand for hair care. China in 2021, according to Mintel

2022-08-26 17:55

Zhiyun Health works with industry experts to explore how digital technology can enable chronic management

Guangzhou, August 26, 2022 -- With the development of The Times, innovative technologies and models, as well as the continuous reform of the regulatory system, provide a hot land for the transformation and upgrading of clinical research digitalization. In order to better demonstrate the digital model of clinical trials, DIA China recently

2022-08-26 17:00

Little red book dialogue rabbit head mother: the love hidden under the rabbit ears, with "age-divided skin care" to open scientific parenting

/ August 25, 2022, Guangzhou -- In the era of exquisite childcare, the maternal and infant industry presents an interesting scene in the Little Red Book: hip care cream has advanced from "universal for babies" to "special for girls and boys"; Mother and child food from the traditional "nutrition soup" into "X month old baby complementary food";

2022-08-25 18:31

The ancient way of Xing Wanjia good wind Baiyun mountain small bupleuri salute Nanchang good family style representative

Guangzhou, August 23, 2022 -- At 19:00 on August 20, the second large-scale public welfare activity of "Looking for Good Family Style" in Jiangxi Province for Baiyunshan Bupleuri 2022 was held in Gulou Square, Yichun City. The public welfare activity takes "caring for health and paying attention to family style" as the main line

2022-08-23 13:50

2022 China Doctor's Day! Dental equipment manufacturer Dunsternord saluted all health care workers

Guangzhou, August 22, 2022 -- August 19, 2022 marks the fifth Chinese Doctor's Day in China. As a global leader in technology and innovation in the dental industry, Dentsi Persinod has always adhered to the brand values of "customer first" since its inception, and has continuously strengthened its medical work

2022-08-23 11:58

300 million sleep pain points to promote the huge sleep economy, ten sleep to create a gold track for investment and entrepreneurship

Guangzhou, August 22, 2022 -- As the pace of society quickens and lifestyles change, a good night's sleep has become a luxury. More than 300 million Chinese suffer from sleep disorders, and 38.2 percent of adults suffer from insomnia, according to the Chinese Sleep Research Society. How to raise

2022-08-23 11:55