Telecommunication industry

Wipro and Cisco Launch Managed Private 5G-as-a-Service Solution to Accelerate Enterprise Digital Transformation

This partnership will increase the speed of doing business/PRCWT/Guangzhou, june 8, 2023——Wipro Limi

2023-06-08 10:10

GridX and Sense Partner to Deliver New Value to Consumers from Smart Meters

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, May 19, 2023——GridX, the leading enterprise rate platform provider to modern utili

2023-05-19 10:13

Global Telecommunications Service Providers in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Study Featuring Avanseus, Globe Telecom, Orange Business, Subex, Telefonica Tech, & Vodafone Idea

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, May 19, 2023——The "Global Growth Opportunities for Telecommunications Service Prov

2023-05-19 09:46

ICP DAS to present holistic IIoT solutions for ESG, Automation, IT/OT convergence at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2023

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, May 18, 2023——ICP DAS to partake in COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2023 with the booth theme "Dri

2023-05-18 11:48

Amid Strong International Push, Tianyu Reports a 1,867.4% YoY Growth in Net Profit Attributable to Shareholders in Q1

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, May 17, 2023——Tianyu Information (300205.SZ) ("Tianyu" or the "Company"), one of t

2023-05-17 17:31

Reddit will start charging companies for its API access

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, April 20, 2023——Ever since the start of the AI revolution late last year, many AI

2023-04-20 09:45

Dr. Ta-yu Wu : Databroker International Data Trade Consulting Platform Makes Further Progress in Promoting China's Digital Economy Globalization

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, April 13, 2023——On April 7th, 2023, the Databroker International Data Trade Consul

2023-04-13 11:22

GitHub makes 2FA mandatory for developer's accounts

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, March 14, 2023——Two-factor authentication (2FA) will be mandatory for all GitHub a

2023-03-14 09:26

Smiths Detection deploys multi-site central image processing solution for DHL Express Australia

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, March 7, 2023——a global leader in threat detection and security screening technolo

2023-03-07 09:41

First of its Kind Forklift Tracking and Management Solution with Hiab Integration Just Launched by Assured Telematics

/prcwt/-Assured Telematics (“ATI”), the industry leader in providing enterprise fleets with custom t

2023-01-16 16:37

China Mobile cloud video will release three series of new products to open up a new video conference horizon

Guangzhou, December 12, 2022 -- The 2022 China Mobile Global Partner Conference with the theme of "C

2022-12-12 10:39

Create a new touch point for intelligent service marketing, and Stiqi 5G messaging platform accelerates the upgrade of operators' services

Guangzhou, December 01, 2022 -- In the age of digital intelligence, telecom operators are speeding up the transformation of their business development from communication services to information services. In 2020, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom released the White Paper on 5G News and jointly launched 5

2022-12-01 14:23

Famous Rui live interpretation of efficient persuasion, China mobile Migu "Yue read is youth" hot in progress

Guangzhou, November 22, 2022 -- On November 12, the Dynamic Zone "Yue Read Zheng Youth" lecture by university celebrities, sponsored by China Mobile Zhejiang and undertaken by Migu Digital Media Co., LTD., was in full swing.

2022-11-22 14:31

Space love wei's 30th anniversary offer | across 14 years of postal services

Guangzhou, Sep. 20, 2022 -- On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the 76Institute of Aerospace Technology, the email system has also celebrated its 14th birthday. As an important measure of strategic development, transformation and upgrading of Aerospace Aiwei, the mail system of Aerospace Aiwei was "born" in 2008.

2022-09-20 17:40

Tong Ding Internet in the first half of the non-net profit growth of 91.58%, the main profit indicators improved significantly

Guangzhou, August 31, 2022 -- Tongding Internet disclosed on the evening of August 28 the 2022 semi-annual report showed that the company's revenue from January to June this year reached 1.519 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 5.32%; Net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 3,344

2022-09-19 17:24

Jiuzhang Yunji DataCanvas completed strategic cooperation with China ICT Center for trusted AI basic software

Guangzhou, August 18, 2022 -- In order to further promote the development of trusted AI and data intelligence to China's artificial intelligence industry, and accelerate the intelligent upgrading of government and enterprises, nine chapters were held at the 2022 Trusted AI Summit themed "Intelligent Foundation, Trusted First"

2022-08-19 18:56

From Cloud to Digital, Dawning Cloud eliminates' pain points' of digital transformation

August 16, 2022 Guangzhou -- The 2022 Digital Transformation Development Summit Forum hosted by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and the China Communication Standardization Association was held in Beijing. Dawn cloud was invited to attend the meeting, and published "cloud number to build the foundation of the number of wisdom Dawn cloud power government and enterprise figures

2022-08-16 18:23

The Postal Service delivers good news, and the original intention remains the same -- Revealing the postal journey of Admission Notice

Guangzhou, August 11, 2022 -- The moment you check the admission school, every candidate's heart is finally settled. The wonderful life of college is coming to you, but to realize it, the most crucial step is missing -- to get the admission notice, then what is the admission notice

2022-08-11 18:49

OriginOS team insists on fruitful results, "double card 5G game interruption" pain point has been improved

Guangzhou, August 04, 2022 -- I believe that many users of dual-card dual-standby mobile phones have had such a feeling: when the secondary card calls and texts, the network connection of the main card will fluctuate significantly or even be interrupted. Such a situation for most ordinary users, perhaps barely

2022-08-04 17:55

"Information Source" through the streets of Beijing communication security escort thousands of households

Guangzhou, August 02, 2022 -- Recently, a dazzling bus was spotted on the streets of Beijing. Its red and orange body caught the eye of many office workers, who were in a hurry to take a look. It has become a beautiful scene on the streets. This bus from Beixinyuan, to the body

2022-08-02 18:41