Yonghe soymilk to create international assured quality, ingenuity to deliver the taste of home!

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/ Chaowen/Guangzhou, July 14, 2022 -- People's taste buds can never forget the taste of home. Even if far away from overseas, the taste of the hometown is still familiar and stubborn, is any mountain delicacies are incomparable. An unpretentious bowl of soy milk, for example, is plain but touches the heart. No matter where you are, you can drink a bowl of warm soy milk in the morning, and happiness will arise spontaneously. Yonghe Soymilk 40 years ingenuity to create high-quality soymilk powder, and exported to overseas, in order to make the world where there are Chinese people can drink Yonghe soymilk.

A bowl of fragrant soymilk is the comfort of the Chinese heart. In order to ensure that the Chinese people can enjoy the international quality of professional soymilk, Yonghe soymilk has strictly checked and refined every link from raw material selection, product research and development to production process.

In order to obtain high-quality soybean raw materials, Yonghe soybean Milk has built its soybean planting base in the golden producing areas of Northeast China with fertile soil and favorable climate. The soybeans produced here have better nutrition and taste, laying the foundation for the superior quality of Yonghe soybean milk.

While carefully selecting raw materials, Yonghe soymilk is also constantly forging first-class production technology. In the modern production workshop, Yonghe soymilk powder, after drying, peeling bud, inactivation of enzyme, centrifugal slag, coarse grinding fine grinding, remove the smell, spray drying, screening powder drying and other 16 refining process, in order to complete the production, to the consumer's table. These 16 cutting-edge technologies fully stimulate the nutrition of soybeans, retain the rich and smooth taste of soybean milk, and restore the most authentic and rich taste of soybean milk.

It is such a brand that takes product quality as the cornerstone and strictly controls every cup of soymilk. Its classic original soymilk powder 350g has successfully won the Silver Award of 2022 Monte Award and obtained the authoritative certification of the World Food Quality Evaluation Conference. Yonghe soymilk also shines on the world stage with its international quality and has won worldwide recognition.

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Since its establishment in 1982, Yonghe Soymilk adheres to the spirit of artisan inheritance, carries forward the Chinese food, and is committed to "making Yonghe soymilk available to all the places in the world where there are Chinese people", which profoundly explains the feelings of the national brand! In the future, we also look forward to Yonghe Soymilk staying true to its original intention, continuing to build international quality assured soymilk, and passing the taste of home with ingenuity!

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