Yuan Zu launched the Mid-Autumn Festival limited cake, full of creativity set off a new trend of gift giving!

/PRCWT/Beijing, September 21, 2023 -The Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon is two circles, how to present

2023-09-22 15:12

Hu Ji flower staged a grand appreciation of ancient style, "fragrance, color and taste" complete Mid-Autumn Festival marketing

/PRCWT/ Guangzhou, September 19——The moon on the sea, the end of the world at this time," the moon i

2023-09-20 16:54

2023 Huiyuan sea buckthorn series new products officially released

/PRCWT/ Xinjiang, September 19——On September 14, at the 2023 Annual meeting of the International Sea

2023-09-19 10:50

The fourth Fresh Milk Festival of New Hope Dairy opened, and multi-city linkage made today more vivid

/PRCWT/ Chengdu September 19—In September, the school season, after the summer heat wave, entered th

2023-09-19 10:37

Pepsi sugar-free national ice breaking relay superburning end, refreshing unlimited trigger carbonated new start

/PRCWT/ Beijing, September 18——On September 10, Pepsi sugar-free annual "Refreshing sugar-free, ice-

2023-09-18 11:16

Xinjiang must eat treasure snacks: not only melons and fruits, but also people can not stop beef jerky!

/PRCWT/ Xinjiang, September 15——Xinjiang, a magical land, has long been known for its sweet cantalou

2023-09-15 13:56

"Shanghai Snack Music Festival" fire trial opening! The snack Museum goes viral

/PRCWT/ Shanghai, September 12——Ignite the "night economy" and release the vitality of the cultural

2023-09-12 15:54

Guizhou Longthorn pear ham mooncake: Present the Mid-Autumn Festival with innovative "Qian" flavor

/PRCWT/ Guizhou, September 13——"People have joys and sorrows, and the moon has waxing and waning, wh

2023-09-12 15:07

Innovative coconut flavored sparkling water, overflowing IF brings healthy outdoor cooling

/PRCWT/ Beijing, September 11——Although the summer weather is coming to an end, the high temperature

2023-09-11 18:45

Time Youth Group "Lai Yi Part" official announcement! The same snack sold through all channels

/PRCWT/Beijing, September 8, 2023Since the "fresh snack" strategy was formally proposed three years

2023-09-08 11:57

2023 Culture West City Food Festival series of activities followed by online and offline dual forms to show food feast

/PRCWT/Beijing, September 7, 2023——Approaching the Ming City Wall of Xibianmen, you can enjoy the ni

2023-09-07 11:26

Tims Good coffee change the head to open the "bagel festival", "bagel fort" into lunch explosive products

/PRCWT/Shanghai, September 6, 2023——Tims Tianhao Coffee Shanghai recently announced the grand openin

2023-09-06 14:56

iGulu unveiled its new beer machine at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin

/PRCWT/Berlin, September 5, 2023Live and love change. Recently, the International Consumer Electroni

2023-09-05 11:29

Every day Black Qiao enjoy family photo gift box listing

/PRCWT/Beijing, August 29, 2023——On August 30, a new generation of health concept chocolate brand Da

2023-08-30 11:34

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival with the Yuan zu moon cake gift box home, so that reunion more taste!

The festival has not yet arrived, the heart has moved! Mid-Autumn Festival, what people really look

2023-08-28 11:20

City Supermarket 2023 Bavarian Food Festival closes

/PRCWT/Beijing, August 25, 2023——The 2023 Bavarian Food Festival, jointly organized by City Supermar

2023-08-25 14:42

Nestle Coffee and Didi travel to create a local marketing event

/PRCWT/Yunnan, August 24, 2023——On August 18, 2023, Nestle Group officially opened the 11-day "Delic

2023-08-24 14:48

Rainy day home small indeed lucky, drink Xiangpiaopiao pearl milk tea ~

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, August 22, 2023——Listen to the autumn rain and drink a cup of rich and fragrant mi

2023-08-22 14:53

Yuan Zu donated the quality of the moon cake gift box, the full Mid-Autumn Festival with gifts

According to the "China Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake gift box industry and innovation Research Repor

2023-08-18 10:49

"Brown" can not go! Sanya Coffee Culture Festival, open Lucheng interesting trip

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, August 18, 2023——Tide Drink special Competition, champion Latte Show, coffee marke

2023-08-18 09:59