Six months rose powder 370,000! Health manager Dagang: Understanding the baby tree of mother and child users is the key to my success

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/ Zhaomuntong/Sep. 01, 2022 Guangzhou -- "Baby Tree here focuses on pregnancy and childbearing, which is consistent with my professional direction. For me who focuses on popularization of parenting knowledge, it is an amplifier: recorded knowledge will have more opportunities to be seen by the appropriate crowd, and then be needed and trusted." "Dagang Talk Parenting", a well-known maternal and child creator and health manager, said when sharing his successful experience at the successful 2022 Baby Tree Creator Conference recently.

At this conference, Babytree announced the Influence list of Babytree creators in the first half of 2022. Famous maternal and infant creators such as Dadang Talk Parenting, hot fashion mom Jin Ziyi, and universal doctor Wang Yanping made the list, winning the traffic indicator, Outstanding Popularity Award, User Love Award and other honors. As a community platform for maternal and infant Internet, Babytree has been continuously encouraging high-quality content creation, optimizing product system and content operation, and improving traffic support and commercial empowerment in recent years. More and more high-quality creators and commercial cash cases have emerged in the community, committed to creating a diversified and healthy maternal and infant content ecology.

6 months rose powder 370,000, deep binding to understand the user platform is the key to success

Internet era, everyone can voice, have their own 15 minutes of fame. However, the real road of maternal and infant creation is full of challenges: how to accurately judge the audience's preferences when the concept of maternal and infant groups changes? Homogeneous information is serious, how do individuals stand out? How to cooperate with high-quality brands to create sustainable realization mode? In the face of these practical problems of trying to persuade people to quit and shaking their confidence, Dagang's answer is: "Choosing the right main battlefield is very important. Maternal and child users are used to solving problems in the baby tree, and it is easier to be a mother and child expert here."

According to Bida Consulting's Research Report on China's Internet Maternal and Child Market in the first half of 2022, the Babytree breeding App continued to lead the market in the first half of 2022 by providing knowledge, tools and services and high-quality consumption reference content covering the whole maternal and child cycle, while occupying the first place among Generation Z. In addition to the advantages of the user base, in recent years, Babytree has been increasing the creation support policies, from expanding the content flow, improving the quality of creation to innovative realization mode, to provide one-stop growth services for creators.

In February 2022, Dagang officially signed a contract to be the professional creator of baby tree. Starting from Dagang's professional identity as a health manager with "15 years of pediatric medical experience and trusted by Bao Ma", Baobao Tree has developed a comprehensive personal IP building plan for Dagang, and enabled his daily creation, increase of powder and realization with advanced and rich platform tools. Up to now, Dagang has completed the creation of an all-domain personal IP matrix, including Douyin and Kuaishou. Within 6 months, it has achieved an outstanding achievement of 370,000 fans on Baobao Tree and Douyin.

It is understood that scientific indicators such as user portraits, content popularity and recommendation coefficient of Babytree creation platform can help Dagang effectively improve the efficiency and effect of creation; "Topic + circle", "content quick publisher", "Little Tree robot" and other rich functions, with data intelligence to Dagang's creative content precise, personalized, efficient recommendation to the target audience; Content payment, live delivery, brand ambassador and other rights and interests, to help Dagang achieve a double harvest of traffic and income; At the same time, from "live question-answering" to "Baoshu" all the way to follow, so that fans gradually familiar with Dagang, trust. "At Baby Tree I grew from a symbol to a flag; From a simple name to a three-dimensional person, "Dagang concluded of his growth in Baby Tree.

From Baoshu tree friends to combination debut, creation makes life possible

Dagang, is the miniature of baby tree to support creators. Adhering to the concept of "every moment of happiness deserves to be recorded", since its establishment in 2007, Babytree has been encouraging users to record their lives and share their experiences. With valuable and resonant real content, Babytree can effectively help solve the confusion of mothers and infants, warm and accompany young families on their journey of pregnancy, and build a highly active, warm and loving community. The good community atmosphere and user base also make Baby tree attract and incubate a large number of maternal and child creators with outstanding level and diverse styles.

In the first half of 2022 Baoshu creator Influence list, there are many pregnant mothers familiar with the head of maternal talent: Jin Ziyi won the outstanding popularity award, hot mother, love fitness, good at low-fat food production; Pan Xiaomuo, the military wife who won the creation Pioneer award, takes care of her children alone and likes traveling baking. Doctor Wang Yanping, who won the user's favorite award, is active in his creation and knows everything about obstetrics and gynecology. Wang Fan, the nutritionist mother who won the Treasure Tree Potential Award, has 7 years of experience and focuses on the creation of baby diet articles... With the gathering of distinctive creators, Babytree works hand in hand to meet the diverse needs of the new generation of users from baby preparation to exquisite self-pleasing.

Good creative atmosphere, perfect creative support, encourage baby tree users to try the creative road, and eventually grow into an enviable parenting talent. From 2017 to 2018, cc and yoyo, members of the well-known maternal and child creation group Er22222, were preparing for pregnancy. During their pregnancy, they learned maternity knowledge and exchanged parenting experience at Baby Tree, and the idea of collaborative creation emerged. They chose Babytree as their creative home because it is not only the most senior and professional media platform in the industry, but also "attracts a lot of mothers like a very loving magnetic field". Baby tree also did not live up to their expectations, in a burst of content and traffic cash, two treasure mom constantly achieve self-breakthrough and growth.

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Whether there are professional, accumulated creators, or love communication, love to share MOE xin, as long as you have the desire to create, you can create different values in the baby tree, harvest spiritual and material double returns. Now, Baby Tree Creation Center 2.0 has been upgraded and released, with new product upgrades, support policies, operation guidance, and cash opportunities, increasing efforts to support creators in an all-round way. Moreover, the "Baoshu Star Push Plan" is ready to take advantage of the mature business model of Baoshu to help mature creators gain more commercial rights and reach brand cooperation faster. Log in Baby tree breeding App search "creation bar" to publish creation, the next mother and baby talent, can also be you!

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