Xiaomi Smart camera 3 Pro release: 3K ultra clear picture quality, built-in Bluetooth Mesh gateway

2023-09-15 11:55 0

/PRCWT/ Beijing, September 15——With the technological development of AI intelligence, users' use needs are also constantly upgrading, and smart home products are accelerating iteration. As one of the main products of millet smart home, millet smart camera has a new product. On September 15, Xiaomi released a new smart camera - Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 Pro PTZ version. The new product focuses on upgrading the picture quality and AI functions, and tries the built-in Bluetooth Mesh gateway for the first time, and at the same time, the intelligent control of the smart device at home can realize the dual-use of one machine.

Different from the consistent double round spherical design in the past two years, the new product adopts a straight cylindrical appearance, and the overall is more simple and atmospheric. There is still no need to install, power and access the Mi APP can be used, and the greater highlight of the new camera is its functional level.

One of the highlights: comprehensive breakthrough in picture quality

The clarity of the picture quality is one of the key breakthroughs of the new product. Upgrade 5 million pixels, showing 3K ultra-clear picture quality, so that users can clearly see the situation at home. It still supports ultra-light full color and infrared night vision, ensuring the clarity of the picture in the low-light and no light environment. In addition, this new product is also Xiaomi's first indoor camera to support high dynamic HDR, in the exposure or backlight environment, it can still restore clarity, so that users can see more picture details.

Highlight 2: AI features are more abundant

The expansion of AI functions is the second biggest highlight of this camera. The new product has rich AI care functions, which can meet the needs of different users, especially for people with babies and cute pets at home.

First of all, it supports local humanoid detection and humanoid movement tracking, the camera detects the humanoid, can automatically follow and send notifications; Users can also set key areas, only when someone breaks into the key areas, the camera will send a notification, such as children into the balcony, kitchen and other areas, parents know remotely immediately. If you pay to open cloud storage, in addition to mass storage, you can also use face recognition function, acquaintances or strangers, you can know at a glance.

Second, this new product supports the baby cry detection, and the child cries in time to notify; Pets can also be detected, the home pet appears in the camera, the camera will send a notification to the mobile phone, the status of the pet remote look will be known, the user can be at ease away from home; Finally, abnormal sound detection is also an innovative feature, the glass is broken, the loud noise in the home, the user can know the situation remotely for the first time. Highlight 3: Built-in Bluetooth Mesh gateway

The built-in Bluetooth Mesh gateway is the biggest innovation in this camera. Millet smart camera for the first time to realize the smart home products and intelligent gateway into one, so that users do not have a central gateway at home, but also to achieve intelligent control and linkage. If the user has a series of intelligent products that can participate in the linkage, it can realize the whole house linkage scene such as opening the door to go home, automatically turning on the light, automatically shielding the camera, automatically closing the curtain, and automatically opening the humidifier through this camera, so that the user can easily realize the peace of mind from home and the comfort of going home.

In addition, the Xiaomi smart camera 3 Pro PTZ version also supports the lens physical masking, timed fixed-point automatic cruise and other functions, and the wifi connection and storage methods are also optimized.

Overall, it is a more equipped high-end indoor camera, very suitable for multi-family, family pet, or people interested in smart home use. The product has been sold in Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin, Tmall, Jingdong's official store, as well as offline millet home, the first event period of 10 o 'clock on September 15-24 o 'clock on September 17, the first hand price is 319 yuan.

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