2022 China · Nanjing International Wire and Cable Industry Exhibition

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I. Introduction to the exhibition

There are more than 10,000 enterprises in the electric wire and cable industry in China, and 4049 enterprises above designated size are mainly distributed in East China. The number of enterprises is 2224, accounting for more than half of all enterprises. There are two major producing provinces of electric wire and cable in East China, namely Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province.

In order to promote the construction of electric power energy in Jiangsu and the development of wire and cable industry in East China, Sponsored by Danyang Mirror International Exhibition Co., LTD., supported by Electric tiger network, supported by Jiangsu Electric Power Industry Association, Jiangsu wire and cable Industry Association, Wuxi Wire and cable Industry Association, Yixing Wire and cable Association, Wuwei Wire and cable Industry Association, Guanlin Town cable industry Party Construction Alliance, Ningjin Cable Industry Association "2022 China (Nanjing) International Wire and Cable Industry Exhibition will be held in Nanjing International Expo Center. The exhibition will create an international comprehensive platform for customers to display images, purchase products and equipment, and discuss new technologies. The organizer will invite experts in the industry to lead the organization of related forums and seminars to discuss the development and prospects of the wire and cable industry, which will provide useful reference for the development of the industry enterprises and the whole industry.

Second, multi-dimensional marketing methods

Through a series of innovative multi-channel and multi-dimensional promotion methods, the organizer of this exhibition will make the definition of the brand image of the exhibition clearer, direct to potential buyers and important customers, and seek more benefits for exhibitors.

Key promotion: Toutiao, Baidu, Douyin, Kuaishou

Cooperation and support from more than 50 Chinese and foreign industry associations

More than 50 vertical media exposure of domestic and foreign industries

EDM(direct mail) number of 100,000 viewers and information push of 10,000 + wechat fans

1800+ The guests of the same conference are transferred to the audience

Live interviews and reports on 10+ Chinese and foreign mass media/portal websites during the exhibition

Three, force to invite potential buyers of the following industries

Industrial enterprise users: petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, steel, cement, coal, textile, transportation, electronics, electric power, environmental protection, transportation, machinery, complete equipment manufacturers, traders, etc.

Construction industry users: real estate developers, building contractors, decoration companies, architects, designers, engineers, importers and exporters, distributors, manufacturers, purchasing departments, buildings, property management agencies, industry end users, etc.

Government and services: industry-related government departments, planning departments, municipal engineering, design and research institutions, competent agencies, associations, societies, media units, etc.

Iv. Scope of exhibits

1. Wire and cable: Power cable, communication cable, coaxial cable, ship and vehicle wire and cable, shielding cable, new energy cable, overhead cable, general rubber sheathed cable, flame retardant wire and cable, equipment wire and cable, symmetrical cable, nuclear power cable, radio frequency wire and cable, control cable, bare wire, data signal cable, mine cable, optical fiber cable, pre-branch cable, submarine cable, flat Cable, enamelled wire, special wire and cable, etc.

2. Electronic wire: power cord, plug socket, connecting cable, audio and video cable, data cable, computer peripheral wire, car plug wire, telephone wire, headphone wire, wiring harness, tie wire, electromagnetic wire, enamelled wire, winding wire, sheathed wire, bare wire, high temperature and heat resistant wire, etc.

3. Wire and cable equipment: Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery, Including cable processing equipment, cable forming machine, stranding machine, nano forming machine, plastic extruder, extrusion machine, tin plating machine, shredder, pelletizer, winding machine, automatic filler machine, stripe machine, wire drawing machine, water cooler, dryer, wire receiving machine, rainbow wire arranging machine, wire harness processing equipment, cable printing equipment, payoff stand, coil rolling machine, copper plating machine, cable conveyor, conductor processing equipment, Single stranded machine, wire wrapping machine, cable packaging equipment, etc.;

4. Wire and cable materials: copper, aluminum, plastic, rubber, packaging film, tinned wire, PVC cable materials, metal and plastic waste, composite tape, wire nylon cable tray, polyester tape, copper clad aluminum dollar, copper clad aluminum wire, cable insulation materials, polyene cable materials, stranded wire, filled rope, PVC resin, bare copper wire, copper clad steel wire, etc.

5. Cable accessories: Cold shrink cable accessories, heat shrink cable accessories, pre-branch cable accessories, high voltage cable accessories, Cold-pressed connectors, insulators, composite insulators, cable fixing accessories, circuit anti-immovables, high-voltage circuit breakers, arresters, adapter boxes, power protective sleeves, protectors, cable fittings, cable brackets, brackets, cable pay-off vehicles, cable terminal products, resistance pieces, bushing, capacitive bushing, etc.

6. Testing instruments, measurement and control technology: batching mixing device, cable measuring device, counter, temperature measurement and control equipment, rotation control equipment, tension measuring equipment, wear resistance voltage testing machine bending testing machine, sulfur forming machine, etc.;

7. Optical fiber and cable manufacturing equipment and materials: optical fiber welding machine, optical fiber secondary coating production line, coloring machine, grinding machine, cutting pliers, etc.;

8. Various wire and cable materials, auxiliary processing materials, supporting cable equipment and related supporting equipment for material production and processing, etc.;

5. Charging standard

Indoor space (36㎡) : Domestic enterprises: RMB 900 yuan /㎡;

Standard booth (3M×3M) : Domestic enterprises: RMB¥8800/ booth (double opening +20%);

The conference journal and the advertising items can be found in the Advertising and Investment Promotion Manual.

Vi. Sponsored advertising program

In order to enhance the brand awareness and reputation of the enterprise, highlight the excellent product quality and service, and enable the enterprise to participate in the exhibition to achieve the best effect, the exhibition plans to be named by one unit, three co-organizers (supporting units) (for details, please ask the organizing committee for the plan).

Vii. Procedures for Exhibitors and participants

1. Exhibitors please fill in the Registration Form with official seal and send or fax it to the Organizing Committee. The booth fee shall be remitted to the account designated by the Organizing Committee within 7 days. Booth allocation will be arranged in the order of receipt of payment.

2. After remitting the fee, the exhibitor shall fax or mail the bank money order to the Organizing Committee for verification.

3. All exhibitors must be manufacturers with legal operation rights in China. No unit or individual is allowed to bring fake and inferior products to the exhibition, otherwise the Organizing Committee has the right to cancel the qualification of exhibitors.

4. After confirming the registration, the Organizing Committee shall send the "Notice of Exhibitor Membership" to the exhibitors 30 days in advance.

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