China Qingdao real estate industry and construction industrial products and equipment exhibition

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Department of Building Energy Conservation and Technology, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology

Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Qingdao Branch

China Architectural Culture Research Society

China Asian Economic Development Association Shandong Door Industry Association

Shandong Floor Industry Association

China Vision Blue Ocean Door Window Curtain Wall Industry Development Alliance

Qingdao Construction Industry Association Qingdao Real Estate Industry Association

Qingdao Building Decoration Association Qingdao Green Construction Building Materials Association

Qingdao Building Waterproof and Insulation Association Qingdao Construction Machinery and Building Materials Association


Hainan Lintong International Exhibition Co., LTD

Beijing Zhongshi JinjianlianAdvertising Co., LTD

Exhibition overview

In order to actively respond to the national "One Belt and One Road" strategic planning and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development's guidance on green building related work, To promote exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign units and relevant departments, associations and enterprises in Qingdao, and improve the industrialization level and popularization of green buildings and new building materials in Qingdao. "China Qingdao Housing Industry and Building Industrialization Products and Equipment Exhibition" will be held in Qingdao World Expo City on June 17, 2022. With the theme of "Developing Green Buildings · Realizing healthy Living", the expo has won the support and attention of many businessmen/associations and executives at home and abroad. Relying on the unique geographical advantages of Qingdao, Qingdao opens up the big international market in eastern Asia, provides communication opportunities and builds a cooperation platform. < / p > < p > exhibition range < / p > < p > prefabricated construction, precast concrete structure < / p > < p > prefabricated prestressed brace (PC) production equipment, equipment; Prefabricated structural connectors, embedded parts and accessories; Concrete chemicals; Molding tools; Prefabricated component support system; Building formwork, scaffolding and installation system; Construction elevator, high - altitude operation car, modern transport vehicles and equipment.

prefabricated building -- steel structure

heavy steel structure, light steel structure, grid membrane structure and other steel structure systems; Steel structure construction and welding technology; Steel structure fire-proof, anti-corrosion, waterproof materials and technology; Steel, steel plate, steel pipe and other types of building steel; Steel structure design and other related products.

All kinds of environmental protection wood building, bamboo structure building, wood structure materials, wood structure production and processing equipment, wood protective agent, wood plastic landscape profiles, wood structure building design consulting and related industry products.

Mixed structure and other integrated buildings

steel and wood structure, aluminum and wood structure, steel and aluminum structure, steel and mixed structure, etc.; All aluminum villa, sun room, canopy house, tree house, RV, shelter, portable toilet, sentry box, field barracks, container house, composite house, folding house, modular house, 3D printing house, dome integrated house, etc.

Passive house low energy building

Building materials for the development and construction of passive low energy building and technologies and components used in passive low energy building demonstration projects.

The whole decoration and interior industrialization

The whole toilet, the whole kitchen, the whole storage cabinet, the filling separation system, the raised floor, the same floor drainage, household appliances, sanitary ware, supporting equipment, decoration materials and products, aging design and other integrated technologies and parts related to the interior industrialization.

Products and technologies in the whole life cycle of planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of underground integrated pipe gallery, sponge city and characteristic town; Construction of demonstration projects; Characteristic town foundation construction, intelligent supporting facilities;

intelligent system

deepening design of prefabricated components; BIM technology research and development; Building planning, design, construction, production, supervision, property management; Construction industry informatization, intelligent construction, etc.

Building fire integration: Automatic fire alarm and linkage control system, household fire safety system, electrical fire monitoring system, fire emergency lighting and evacuation 3D display, fire equipment power monitoring system, combustible gas detection and alarm system, fire door monitoring system, intelligent automatic fire alarm control system, automatic building fire alarm system integration.

Intelligent building systems and facilities: all kinds of electrical equipment automation control system, system integration products, intelligent management system, residential intelligent integration and intelligent system solutions.

Green building materials system: energy-saving doors and Windows, curtain wall shading system, building paint, sealant, wallpaper, wall tile, floor tile, floor, stairs, ceiling, all kinds of hardware accessories.

Peripheral protection product system: wall insulation material, exterior wall decoration board, roof waterproof material, roof insulation material, heat insulation coating, fireproof material, aerated concrete block, ceramide concrete block, integrated ceiling, roof and three-dimensional green material, etc.

Solar building integration system: solar heating system; Solar photovoltaic system; Solar wall and roof components and accessories; Solar water heater and application products; Renewable energy products, etc.

New energy equipment system: central fresh air ventilation system, air purification system, central air conditioning, central suction system, constant temperature and humidity system, ground source/water source/air source heat pump system, HVAC equipment and products, pipe fittings; Water treatment technology equipment, air conditioning cleaning detection and maintenance, indoor air detection, etc. ◆ Responsible units: Housing and Construction Department, Construction Bureau, relevant units of provinces and cities, wall renovation office, energy conservation office, bidding office, research institute, design institute, etc. ◆ Industry organizations: real estate, construction, building materials, decoration, engineering and other related associations, institutes, alliances; Green building, building energy conservation pilot demonstration cities (districts), industrial bases, industrial parks. ◆ End user: real estate company, construction engineering company, decoration company, construction unit, chief engineer, materials department or purchasing department, etc. ◆ Product seller and others: new building materials agent dealers, supervision companies, scientific research institutions, media, etc.

Charge standard

● indoor bare floor 36㎡ minimum rent Domestic enterprises: RMB 700 yuan /㎡; ● Standard booth 3m×3mRMB7800 yuan /9㎡ miniature special: 3m×6mRMB18800 yuan /18㎡

Media resources

★ Central media: CCTV, People's Online, People's Daily, Science and Technology Daily, China National Radio, etc.;

Local media: Qingdao TV Station, Qingdao Daily, Evening News, Qingdao News Network, etc.; ★ Mainstream media:, Douyin, Kuaishou, Tencent, NetEase, Toutiao, etc.; ★ Industry media: green building network, China Construction network, China Building Materials network, steel structure information network, China window curtain wall consulting, China waterproof network and more than 200; ★ Emerging media: official website, wechat (public number), Weibo, blog, post bar, live broadcast, etc.

Promotion opportunities: Please contact the Organizing committee for details;

1. After registration, exhibitors shall remit the relevant fees to the account designated by the Organizing Committee within 5 days;

2. Booth arrangement is based on the principle of "first registration, first payment, first arrangement". The Organizing committee has the right to adjust a small number of booths.

China Qingdao Housing Industry and Building Industrialization Products and Equipment Exhibition

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