The 21st Eurasia and China (Zhengzhou) International Early Childhood Education Expo

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CIPE Eurasia Early Childhood Education Exhibition -- Eurasia Early Childhood Education Exhibition (referred to as: Eurasia Early Childhood Education Exhibition), held twice a year, is an important activity in the summer and autumn and winter of China's early childhood education industry must choose, is supported by the competent department of preschool education annual meeting, is a large domestic early childhood education exhibition; Since its establishment, it has held 42 public welfare forums, enjoyed free classes for more than 220,000 head teachers, donated more than 3 million yuan of preschool education supplies to more than 50 kindergartens, and has provided convenience for 20,000 distributors and 50,000 kindergartens to learn, communicate, negotiate and purchase; And plays an important role in the standard of kindergarten conditions and training of preschool teachers, for promoting the upgrading of preschool education facilities and equipment and new ideas, new technologies, new products and new models are widely used, has made an important contribution, has been widely recognized by the government and the majority of preschool education personnel.

CIPE Eurasia Preschool Education Exhibition - The last expo fruitful, remarkable results, exhibitors and visitors home!

On June 6, 2022, the 3-day public Welfare Forum on the High-quality Development of Preschool Education in Henan Province and the 19th Zhengzhou Eurasia Early Childhood Education Expo successfully concluded in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The number of visitors reached 45,000, from nearly 20 provinces across the country came to visit, among which 10 public welfare forums on high-quality development of preschool education were held in three days, which became extremely popular, with more than 1,000 people attending each event. During the expo, the cooperation trade fruitful, remarkable results, exhibitors praised the trip is worth it, the audience, dealers said that the harvest is full.

CIPE Eurasia Preschool Education Exhibition -- professional and authoritative, significantly enhanced, the industry development vane!

The last public welfare forum and Expo received high attention and strong support from provincial and municipal leaders and industry associations. Henan Provincial People's Congress, Counsellors of Henan Provincial People's Government, Henan Provincial Customs and Working Committee, Henan Provincial Department of Education, Henan Provincial Women's Federation, Henan Provincial and Zhengzhou Preschool Education Development Center, Henan Provincial Experimental Kindergarten and other leaders visited the site for guidance. Speak highly of the Expo. At the opening ceremony, the Maternity, Infant and Children's Association of Henan Province, Counsellors of Henan Provincial People's Government and leaders of Basic Education Department of Henan Provincial Education Department addressed the conference respectively, and leaders of Henan Provincial Customs and Work Commission announced the opening. The leaders and guests at the meeting also awarded the certificate of "Caring for the next generation" to the charitable enterprises participating in the charity donation activity.

CIPE Eurasia Preschool Education Exhibition - Expo and forum each other shine, talk about the Central Plains, high-quality development of public welfare forum has achieved remarkable results!

Xinyang Baihua Kindergarten, Luohe Experimental Kindergarten, Fangcheng County Organ Kindergarten, Provincial Experimental Kindergarten, Kaifeng Municipal Government Professional School Supervisor, Zhengzhou Experimental Kindergarten, Zhengzhou Huiji District Experimental Kindergarten, Sanmenxia Experimental Kindergarten and many other provincial famous kindergarten directors and preschool education experts have brought their experiences to all of you. On the will of God, under the ground gas, caused the strong resonance of thousands of kindergarten principals on the scene, the scene applause, warm atmosphere.

CIPE Eurasia Preschool Education Exhibition -- public welfare Forum and Expo focused by mainstream media, all circles responded warmly!

The public welfare forum and expo attracted extensive attention from mainstream media both inside and outside the province. Mainstream media such as Learning Power, Henan Business Daily, Zhengzhou Radio and TV Station, Henan Channel, Dahe Daily, Zhengzhou Evening News and Henan Daily gathered at the venue. It highly appraises the activity tenet of "promoting the development of the industry through public welfare, promoting the inclusive development of public welfare through development, and promoting the high-quality development of preschool education". A large number of visitors from kindergartens, early education institutions, industry distribution agents nearly 200 buses direct to the exhibition site has become a highlight of the exhibition, professional buyers on-site visit and purchase, popular.

CIPE Eurasia Preschool Education Exhibition -- five highlights

Ingenuity to hold exhibition, professional. Eurasia Preschool Education Exhibition successfully held 20 years, the industry enjoys a high reputation!

The information is large and precise. City workstation 120+, brand supplier 1500+, core head 28000+, precise dealer 12000+!

Preschool education, mission. Adhere to the mission, have the courage to take responsibility, every year to carry out public welfare education donation, has accumulated more than 5 million yuan pre-school donations!

Expo forum, integration. The founder of "China's 1000 Preschool Education Public Welfare Forum", Expo forum each other shine, forum "zero charge" to promote the development of preschool education!

CIPE Eurasia Preschool Education Exhibition is a precise docking platform for preschool education industry, the only choice for learning, exchange and cooperation, and one of the contributors to promote the high-quality development of preschool education in China.

CIPE Eurasia Preschool Education Exhibition - Exhibit scope: Manufacturers and suppliers of the following products, please sign up immediately!

-- Early care services: early education care services, children's programming, characteristic kindergartens, kindergartens, early education centers, training and guidance of early education institutions, children photography, parent-child community, outdoor experience base, etc.;

-- Characteristic courses: kindergarten interest class, kindergarten activities, physical and intelligent game course, science experiment course, literacy course, music course, pottery classroom, nature classroom, handicraft workshop, emotional intelligence and financial business course, etc.

-- Teaching materials: comprehensive teaching materials, single-subject teaching materials, English teaching materials, picture books, sensory teaching AIDS, Montessoni teaching AIDS, music equipment, art supplies, multimedia interactive products, DIY materials, special teaching resources, etc.;

-- preschool education equipment: outdoor recreation facilities, furniture, beds, desks and chairs cabinets, school buses, etc.;

-- children's toys: enlightenment toys, educational toys, teaching toys, tabletop toys, learning toys, environmental protection theme toys, etc.

-- preschool supplies: garden clothes, school bags, stationery, bedding, tableware, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, disinfection supplies, baby supplies, etc.;

-- Educational software: accompanying robot, ARVR, electronic whiteboard, all-in-one computer, early education electronic products, management software, home interactive software, pick-up system, multimedia teaching, tablet computer, animation products, story machine, dot-reading products, online teaching, etc.

-- kindergarten decoration: kindergarten design, children's lighting, environment creation, environmental protection floor, floor mat, environmental protection lawn, safety facilities, environmental protection decoration materials, environmental protection decoration paint, air purification equipment, direct drinking water equipment, etc.;

-- Online education applications and services: online education institutions and platform construction, recording and broadcasting system, APP software, interactive platform, training system, payment technology service providers, education cloud technology and applications, big data applications and services, course software CD, network TV, voice recognition system;

RMB9800 RMB10800 RMB11800 RMB12800
open space booth (M < sup > 2 < / sup >) < / td > < td style = "width: 135 px;" >RMB980 ..................... RMB1080 .....................

Standard booth is equipped with:

< P > < P > ordinary standard booth: three sides of coamings, one table and two chairs, two spotlights, enterprise lintel board, a 220V5A power socket;

Brand stall: three side coaming, one table and two chairs, two spotlights, enterprise lintel board, a 220V5A power socket, 3m*1m advertising pictures.

Clean space: 36 square meters, no exhibition equipment and facilities will be provided, and the management fee will be paid to the exhibition hall.

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