The pre-sale of Toshiba TV 100Z870NF is underway, and the 100-inch flagship giant screen leads the revolution in audio-visual quality

2024-04-24 16:35 0

/PRZWT/SHENZHEN, April 24, 2024 - As the super C-bit in the living room, the TV not only needs to meet the needs of users for daily movie viewing, but also acts as the facade of the family, representing the style of the family. Recently, Toshiba TV officially launched the new 100-inch giant screen - 100Z870NF, which, with its excellent ingenuity, superior strength and authentic audio and visual performance, brings new choices to users who pursue quality of life, and truly enjoys a truly immersive audio-visual experience and a natural and comfortable taste of life.

More than 70 years of ingenuity precipitation, achieving true audio and painting performance

As a global high-end TV brand with a history of more than 70 years, Toshiba TV has always adhered to the brand concept of "delivering the true beauty of audio and video in the spirit of Seiko craftsmanship". Based on Japanese professional audio and video tuning, it integrates a number of innovative technologies and strives to bring users a real and comfortable audio and video experience. The new 100-inch flagship giant screen TV 100Z870NF is not only a prominent representative of ingenuity and technical accumulation, but also a masterpiece of Toshiba TV's advanced audio and video technology and professional audio and video tuning. With its excellent real audio and video performance and comprehensive product strength, Toshiba TV 100Z870NF won the Excellent Product Award in the 2024 AWE Appleland Awards, which made this product much anticipated.

2500 + partition Mini LED for ultimate image quality experience

The Toshiba TV 100Z870NF 100-inch flagship giant screen is equipped with 2500 + zoned Mini LEDs and 3000nits peak brightness, ensuring a detailed and vivid picture under any lighting conditions. The primary color adjustment technology that has been deposited and inherited for more than 70 years, combined with the color management archives and AI model adjustment accumulated by hundreds of millions of materials, can accurately reproduce real-world colors and satisfy the most discerning sensory experience.

Immersive sound experience to create your own home theater

Supported by a 9-unit Bazooka sound system and BR auditory perception chip, plus custom-made sound from a master mixer, Toshiba TV 100Z870NF has true 3D surround sound. The top luxury sound configuration allows the sound from every corner to be accurately transmitted and layered, so that users can feel the shocking sound like the scene in any location. At the same time, the 100Z870NF, which supports IMAX and Dolby Vision, also provides users with a movie viewing experience comparable to the movie theater. Moving the private theater home, the Blu-ray high definition movie viewing experience makes home entertainment no longer limited by small screens and low-quality sound effects.

Giant screen family play experience, building a smart home center

Toshiba TV 100Z870NF is more than just an audio and video device. Its large-screen entertainment features include a variety of intelligent interactive experiences, suitable for the whole family. It supports a variety of fitness applications and educational resources, so that the whole family can participate in somatosensory games or follow online courses on the big screen for healthy sports and learning. In addition, Toshiba TV's iCare Care program pays special attention to the visual health of family members, providing special viewing modes for children, adolescents and the elderly, ensuring that each family member can enjoy the giant screen entertainment while having a healthier and more comfortable movie viewing experience. In addition, in the home viewing scene, the unique millimeter wave radar technology enables the 100Z870NF to sense the position and activities of people in the room, automatically adjust the image quality and sound effects, and provide the best audio-visual effect for different viewing distances and angles, so that the viewing quality can be improved.

It is understood that the Toshiba 100Z870NF has been pre-sold on April 16. Vientiane Shenghui is a great deal. For users who pursue a top-notch home theater experience, this TV is the best choice to enhance the quality of home entertainment and enjoy the quality brought by technology.

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