Pepsi sugar-free national ice breaking relay superburning end, refreshing unlimited trigger carbonated new start

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/PRCWT/ Beijing, September 18——On September 10, Pepsi sugar-free annual "Refreshing sugar-free, ice-breaking and born" offline activity arrived in Beijing, high-energy continuation of the ice-breaking trend, strong bubbles rose to set off the closing carnival. At the scene, Pepsi brand ambassador Zhang Linghe was summoned to show the essence of vitality and cool, and consumers went all out to the end challenge, gathering six cities sugar-free energy resonance to burst the ultimate feeling of cool, to break the attitude of sprint the number one icebreaker, to launch a new round of vitality to the future, and unlock the new paradigm of future carbonation experience.

With innovation to upgrade the refreshing experience, multidimensional to meet more taste buds expectations

At the event site, Pepsi Sugar-free will be the concept of the meta-universe in the space, focusing on product implantation, visual creativity, virtual and real interaction and other dimensions to interpret the attitude of vitality, and an ice-breaking challenge mobilizing all senses is on the trigger. Consumers in the drinking while playing customs clearance mode, with the depth of the experience links, open a broader imagination of refreshing sugar-free space.

Here, consumers can take the real Pepsi Yuan space vehicle, freely switch between reality and virtual, explore the infinite vitality of the future, but also through the "bullet time" device to freeze the exclusive moment, in the clinking glass and punch the card challenge, feel stronger sugar-free vitality. In addition, Pepsi sugar-free products that can be seen everywhere are more symbiotic with interactive devices, which constantly upgrade the expression of vitality and vitality of each other, and meet the expectations of more taste buds of consumers in an all-round way.

As Pepsi sugar-free push this year's heavy new product - Pepsi sugar-free raw Coke also made a special appearance at the scene, with its theme to create a cool space station is real Coke liquid wrapped, bringing a strong visual impact, consumers can also beat trigger the dense bubble rise, complete the digital pineapple cup fun challenge, Fully feel the new experience of strong bubbles, stimulating enough and refreshing carbonation.

Break through the sugar-free framework with products and explore the future category development in a diversified way

Pepsi Sugar-free has always been consumer-centered, aware of new trends in consumption, grasping the opportunities, and actively promoting the development of the brand and the industry. As early as the sugar-free market revival, Pepsi sugar-free has launched classic original, raspberry flavor and lime flavor, with a multi-flavor product portfolio to enrich the increasingly segmented needs of Chinese people, including fresh and greasy lime flavor with hamburgers, fried chicken and other fragrant delicious, quickly became a popular choice for young People's Daily dining, popular so far.

With the current trend of personalized consumption highlights, in April this year, Pepsi sugar-free Cola once again broke the routine, adapted to market demand, introduced the concept of "raw" into product innovation, launched the first Pepsi sugar-free raw Cola in China, and quickly stood out with its stimulating and refreshing unique "kill taste". With the packaging design of real liquid, the happy posture of big mouth into the throat, and the double feeling of five senses open, it brings consumers an unprecedented fresh experience and a new choice of sugar-free cola.

Further broaden the sugar-free drinking scene, Pepsi sugar-free raw Coke with a new "life" concept and taste to build a new personalized consumption ecology, through the stronger bubble brought by the "emotional added value", the target population from the enthusiastic taste of the Z generation, expand to the pursuit of self-release mature consumers, deep penetration into the home entertainment, workplace relaxation, friends together and other scenes. To provide more sugar-free lovers with a new choice of carbonation, but also for the industry category development diversification has opened up a new idea.

From drinking experience and product innovation to the expansion and extension of consumption scenes and crowds, Pepsi sugar-free is constantly digging the potential of carbonation, taking this large-scale sugar-free carnival relay across the country as a new starting point, and is ready to start a new bureau to bring consumers more sugar-free new enjoyment and fully activate the new force of the future!

It is reported that the theme flash mob will be open to the public from 19:00 in the evening of September 10 to September 16, visit the scene, you can punch the card Zhang Linghe experience, feel the excitement, enjoy the sugar-free carnival.

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