Xinjiang must eat treasure snacks: not only melons and fruits, but also people can not stop beef jerky!

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/PRCWT/ Xinjiang, September 15——Xinjiang, a magical land, has long been known for its sweet cantaloupe, aromatic grapes and plump walnuts. But this time, let's explore the culinary treasures hidden under the Tianshan ranch in Yili, which rival the beef jerky of Inner Mongolia: the delicious Xinjiang beef jerky.

The Xinjiang region, as a meeting point of the ancient Silk Road, has witnessed numerous cultural and food technology exchanges. According to archaeological data, the history of making beef jerky in Xinjiang can be traced back to the 3rd century BC. Local people use natural drying method to preserve meat, which not only meets the daily needs of local people, but also gradually evolved into what we are now familiar with Xinjiang beef jerky.

The Tianshan Ranch in Yili is the cradle of the unique flavor of Xinjiang beef jerky. The fresh air, fertile grass and pure water provide the best raw material for jerky. On this vast grassland, Xinjiang brown cattle eat grass and drink water freely, living in such a peaceful and harmonious environment, their meat grows naturally delicious.

The production of Xinjiang beef jerky is full of ingenuity and sincerity in every link. From the selection of Xinjiang brown cattle, to the traditional curing and drying techniques, to the modern processing process, every piece of jerky meets the highest quality standards.

How to identify the real Xinjiang beef jerky For Xinjiang beef jerky, quality is the most important. The real Xinjiang beef jerky is dark brown in color and has a strong meat flavor. Through the method of "three looks and one smell", consumers can not only identify the authenticity of beef jerky, but also experience the unique flavor of Xinjiang beef jerky.

When it comes to Xinjiang beef jerky, it is natural not to mention "Ba Kou Xiang". With a history of more than two decades, this brand has long won the recognition of consumers with its strict selection of raw materials and advanced production process, and can be found everywhere in Xinjiang supermarkets. Not only that, "Ba Kou Xiang" is also committed to innovation, and launched a variety of flavors of beef jerky to meet the needs of different taste buds of consumers.

Xinjiang not only has beautiful scenery, rich culture, but also such a delicious waiting for us to discover. When you next set foot in this land, don't miss this mellow beef jerky, which is also a unique taste of Xinjiang.

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