TCL Wei Xue selected as 36KR "SHE POWER·2023 Influential Women"

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/PRCWT/Beijing, November 15, 2023 - On November 10, 36kr released its annual list of "SHE POWER·2023 Influential Women". Wei Xue, vice president of TCL Technology Group, chairman of TCL Public Welfare Foundation and founder of Huameng Charity Foundation, was named "Female Public Welfare Expert of the Year 2023" for her innovative practice in the field of rural education and public welfare, as well as her outstanding contributions in promoting women's self-worth and promoting green and sustainable development of science and technology enterprises.

It is understood that this year, 36kR for the first time gathered influential female leaders in business, scientific research, public welfare and other fields to create the "SHE POWER·2023 Influential Women", including the annual female business leader, the annual female business innovator, the annual female investor, the annual female scientist, the annual female public welfare family five roster. Show the resilience and wisdom of female leaders in change, and set an example for more women. These women leaders have not only made remarkable achievements in their fields, but also had a profound impact on social development. The assessment of the influence of this list mainly includes two aspects: "professional achievement + resilience transmission".

Wei Xue has been focusing on and supporting rural education and female empowerment in China for 20 years. In the past two years, we have launched #TCLforHer and #TCLGreen brand initiatives around the world to empower women with technology, advocate "seeing women, inspiring women, supporting women", and speak for women so that women are not defined or coerted; Explore the green and sustainable development of science and technology enterprises, and call on more people to join the green Earth action with their own practice.

36KR believes that Wei Xue plays a unique delicate sense and empathy advantage in public welfare undertakings, integrates resources of all parties, and becomes a bridge and bond between institutions, enterprises and the public, helping to promote the solution of social related problems or attracting widespread social attention.

Deepen rural education and promote new changes in public welfare practices

As a loyal practitioner and active communicator of public welfare and charity, Wei Xue has been concerned about the difficulty of studying for high school students in rural areas for more than ten years. In order to promote the realization of educational equality, Wei Xue and her husband Li Dongsheng set up the "Huameng Fund" in 2007, starting with scholarships, to provide educational opportunities for young people who lack opportunities but have excellent academic performance. At present, Huameng Foundation has funded 1,290 high school students in poor areas, of which more than 500 have been admitted to first-class universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University and Fudan University, and the undergraduate admission rate is close to 100 percent.

In 2012, Wei Xue promoted the establishment of TCL Public Welfare Foundation to promote the professionalization and sustainability of public welfare actions. In 2013, "TCL Hope Project Candlelight Award Program" was launched, focusing on rural teachers. In the past decade, TCL has continuously increased investment in education public welfare, and has helped 3,400 rural teachers in total, directly and indirectly benefiting 300,000 students. In recent years, TCL Public Welfare Foundation has combined its own industrial resources and technological advantages to explore the integration and symbiosis of science and technology and promote new changes in corporate public welfare practices. In 2022, TCL Public Welfare Foundation and TCL Central began to promote the construction of "TCL Photovoltaic low-carbon campus" to create a new model of photovoltaic education. At present, "TCL PV low-carbon campus" has built 20 schools, and version 2.0 has realized the leap from donation to social value investment; The "Southern University of Science and Technology -TCL Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lecture Hall" has been attended by more than 5,500 people, and has initially become an influential innovation and entrepreneurship exchange platform in the Greater Bay Area.

Focus on women's values and empower women around the world with technology

As a female public welfare activist, Wei Xue has always been concerned about the stimulation of women's values. As early as 2004, Wei Xue founded the Asian Women's Development Association to speak out for the rights and interests of modern women, which is one of the earliest forums in China focusing on the rights and interests of modern women, and has been held for eight times, playing an important role in promoting women's participation in social development. In 2022, TCL released "TCLforHer" women's brand IP to interpret the meaning of technology to empower global women, so that women are no longer defined or coerted. In 2023, with the opportunity of signing the China Women's Basketball team, TCL will continue to promote the two projects "Her World Her Rules" and "Break & Believe" in conjunction with FIBA officials globally, encouraging women to dare to express themselves and break through themselves in their own lives.

Explore green and sustainable development, let people and nature coexist in harmony

In addition to the public welfare and charity work for individuals, as TCL leads the corporate transformation with green development, Wei Xue also begins to pay attention to the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. In 2022, TCL launched the TCLGreen project globally, aiming to drive people from all walks of life around the world to join the cause of green and sustainable development. In 2023, TCL issued a carbon neutral action plan, making the "3050" commitment goal of "achieving carbon peak no later than 2030 and carbon neutrality no later than 2050"; In September of the same year, at the IFA booth in Germany, TCL combined more than 1,000 uprecycled waste electronic circuit boards into art installations to convey the green concept to consumers around the world. Today, TCL has integrated the concept of green manufacturing into the whole process of production and operation, and led the energy conservation and emission reduction of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

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