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/PRCWT/Guangzhou, November 15, 2023 - On November 15, the century-old comfortable home brand Germany Weineng officially announced that Wu Lei was the brand spokesperson, which also represents Weineng's determination to further implement the "accelerate China" strategy and deepen the Chinese market. Wu Lei's fresh and warm appearance, the image of a strong young actor who constantly breaks through the growth, is also in line with Weineng's strong technical accumulation in the field of comfortable home for nearly 150 years, and delivers the brand concept of "Germany Weineng, V+ constant feeling comfortable world" to consumers.

Wei can hand in hand with spokesman Wu Lei, open a new chapter of V+ constant comfort

In the journey to explore the core of the brand, Germany Weineng adheres to the vision of "making every family more comfortable and making the world better", and continues to work hard in multiple dimensions such as technology research and development, product innovation and sustainable development, and innovatively explore the infinite possibilities of warm home. This time, Weineng and Wu Lei, is an important milestone in subverting the traditional heating brand image, is a key interpretation of the new brand concept of "V+ constant sense comfort world", marking Weineng's determination to embrace the younger generation of consumers. With a new brand concept, Weineng meets the evolutionary needs of a new generation of consumers, leads everyone to find the warmth and comfort of body and mind, calmly responds to life challenges, and opens a wonderful journey into winter.

As a spokesperson for Weineng, Wu Lei began to shoot commercials at the age of 3 and began to act at the age of 5. With his own efforts, he has continuously broken through and grown into a new generation of acting actors with both strength and image. Although he has been in the field for more than 20 years and has more than 60 plays, Wu Lei always maintains his original heart as a teenager, treats the audience with sincerity and warmth, shows his multi-faceted charm, and maintains his inner warm heart in the face of changes and challenges. This kind of care for the audience and the persistence of professionalism, and Weineng's "whole-hearted warmth" service concept for users, as well as the product technology research and development of comfortable, healthy, sustainable dedication.

Century-old German pioneer, keep pace with The Times

As a company with the German manufacturing spirit, Weineng has continuously innovated in its development for more than a century, with nearly 2,000 patents and more than 100 research and development projects around the world, providing a steady stream of high-quality products, technologies, services and comfortable life experiences for families around the world. In the past hundred years, The Times have changed, and the consumer population has constantly changed, but Weineng always actively responds to the changes in life concept, consumption attitude and home quality. No matter how the residence changes, Germany V+ constant sense comfort world can provide a full range of comfortable home solutions covering IoT intelligent interconnection covering heating, refrigeration, fresh air, water treatment, and with the care of professional after-sales service team, the residence is built into a comfortable world with constant temperature, constant oxygen, constant peace, constant clean, constant calm, constant sense of wisdom.

Multi-dimensional brand upgrading, a new future picture

Inviting Wu Lei to become a brand spokesperson is an important step in the upgrading of the German Weineng brand, and it is also a profound reflection of the upgrading of the brand image and positioning of Weineng following the pace of The Times. The organic combination of the common characteristics of the spokesperson and the brand is expected to promote the popularity of the concept of comfortable home in China and enhance the home feeling of Chinese families.

In the field of sustainable development, Weineng and Wu Lei also have common characteristics. Since 2011, the former has launched the "SEEDS" sustainability program to promote the sustainable development of the Wyneng Group, and has successfully achieved its own climate neutrality by 2020. As one of the representatives of young actors, Wu Lei also actively participates in public welfare and philanthropy, and uses his influence to convey positive energy and social values. As a WildAid ambassador and cycling enthusiast, Wu Lei has repeatedly called for attention to climate change and environmental protection.

The mutual understanding of environmental protection and sustainable development is also one of the cornerstones of the success of this cooperation. Through this cooperation, the concept of sustainability will be further rooted in the industry.

Next year, the company will celebrate its 150th anniversary. Facing the broad future, Weinengs is accelerating the pace of transformation to home system suppliers, actively insight into consumer needs, explore the application of IoT, sustainable heating and cooling technology means, and constantly improve the comfortable experience of consumers, and through the brand upgrade, and the two-way between the spokesperson, directly attack the inner needs of contemporary young people, successfully let the brand out of the circle, For a new generation of consumers to bring constant sense of comfort and enjoy a new world of life.

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