TCL Little Blue Wing New Wind duct machine won the authoritative award again

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/PRCWT/Shanghai, September 18——Recently, the 2023 China HVAC Industry Development Summit and China's "Heating and Cooling Wisdom" award ceremony was held in Shanghai, and announced the winners of the 2023 China's "Heating and cooling Wisdom" award. As an important home central air conditioning product under TCL Air conditioning, TCL Little Blue Wing Fresh air duct machine won the 2023 China Heating and Cooling Intelligent Products Award for Household Heating and cooling Products.

TCL air conditioning force home market, small blue wing fresh air duct machine won the China heating and cooling intelligent products award

China "Heating and Cooling Smart" award was first launched by industry Online in 2017, is the first award of the whole industry chain of heating and cooling, with a wide range of representativeness and authority, has gradually become one of the important indicators of the development trend of HVAC industry. Among them, technology leading, energy-saving and efficient new products recognized by the market is the focus of the award, China Heating and cooling smart Award product award through the "household heating and cooling products" and other three categories of subdivided products for a comprehensive review and evaluation, in order to promote the spirit of innovation, advocate wisdom to promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial power.

According to reports, TCL air conditioning small blue wing fresh air duct machine innovation to achieve "fresh air + air duct" two in one, so that "home central air conditioning + new fan + clean air" can be realized on an air conditioner. The product adopts micro-positive pressure fresh air technology, which can output 120m³/h of large fresh air volume. After opening the fresh air function, even if the doors and Windows are closed, the indoor dull and dirty air with odor can be swept away efficiently, and the fresh air can be continuously introduced into the outdoor air to meet the healthy breathing needs of large households. It is worth mentioning that the product innovatively uses the flow technology to provide a quiet and comfortable use experience with 22dB ultra-quiet operation.

In addition, the product can achieve real-time air quality display, filter element intelligent reminder, so that good air can be seen. And the product's first integrated fresh air module is only 0.01m³ in size, the installation occupation area is only 0.05m³, has the characteristics of easy installation and easy maintenance, and easily meet the installation needs of different scenes such as lamp trough living room office.

Fresh air conditioning technology extends to home central air conditioning, TCL air conditioning compacting fresh air circuit advantages

With the continuous improvement of living standards, family central air conditioning is becoming a new trend of consumption. TCL air conditioning with "smart health" as the value direction, to "let more people easily enjoy healthier air" as the brand mission, not only to create the industry's strongest fresh air conditioning product matrix, but also in the field of home central air conditioning has many years of development sedimentation, has become a force in the field can not be ignored.

At present, TCL family central air conditioning has developed a series of products such as duct machines, ceiling machines, and small multi-link, which are widely praised by the market and consumers. Especially with the application of fresh air technology promoted by TCL air conditioning in air duct products, "healthy" fresh air conditioning has solved multiple pain points of consumers' daily life and has become a breakthrough in family central air conditioning. Taking TCL small blue wing fresh air duct machine as an example, the product realizes multi-purpose and multi-effect integration with fresh air duct two in one, which is air conditioning and fresh air, and can purify the air more, so that the new category of wind duct machine can burst out a broader market demand.

Industry experts said that TCL small blue Wing fresh air duct machine won the 2023 China Heating and Cooling smart Products Award home heating and cooling products award, behind TCL air conditioning closely follow the new consumer demand, vigorously promote fresh air conditioning technology in the home central air conditioning product innovation, looking forward to TCL air conditioning continue to play the advantages of fresh air circuit, Provide better experience and more competitive products to the market and consumers.

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