Scanning Almighty King, painless notes, further learning efficiency

2023-11-14 11:43 0

/PRCWT/Beijing, 14 November 2023 - Note-taking is a very important part of the learning process. By organizing notes, we can better grasp knowledge points and improve learning efficiency. However, many people are not very handy in note-taking, and the efficiency is low. Don't be afraid, there are many ways to scan the almighty Wang, and today I will teach you the painless method of organizing notes!

First of all, the importance of wrong problem sorting is universally recognized, so the quality of wrong problem sorting is very critical. However, the traditional method of copying wrong questions by hand, cutting and pasting questions is not only time-consuming, but also inconvenient to summarize and organize. Now, open the scanning king, select [exam papers/homework] - [single shot wrong questions], you can scan the wrong questions in the exam paper or homework, heavy and difficult questions, key notes and save them by classification, convenient for regular review of the wrong questions and check the gaps.

If you have circled the paper in your hand, the neatly written paper is easy to check and read, and some papers are scrawled, looking like ghost characters, you can also use the "paper/homework" function to help you easily remove handwriting, to clean up the traces of the paper/exercises with one click, restore the blank paper, and facilitate the correction of the correct answer. Or use it to repeat the exercise to get to the bottom of your weaknesses.

Secondly, the organization of notes is also very important. After using the scanning notes, you can store them electronically by grade and subject, not only to prevent loss, but also to facilitate concentrated practice before the big exam, to help understand the knowledge more deeply and build a knowledge network. The processed notes also support a variety of sharing ways such as pictures, PDF, Word, etc., and can also be printed directly by connecting the printer, and shared with others through social media such as wechat to learn together and make progress together.

It is understood that as an APP of artificial intelligence and big data technology company Hehe Information, scanning Almighty King can easily scan documents, automatically cut the edge and automatically correct the deviation. If the lines of text are curved, they can also be straightened automatically, making the picture clearer and easier to read. Text, forms, patterns and other content recognition speed and accuracy is very high, and document scanning, text extraction, certificate scanning, drawing, paper erasure, photo translation, photo restoration, adding watermark and signature and other functions are available, basically can be used in life and work.

uu who still have a headache for organizing notes, please accept this note organizing Dafa and open the painless mode!

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