"Hello BOE" comes to a perfect end and "Screen of Things" initiates a new chapter of wisdom and a bright future

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/ Morning News/December 29, 2022 Guangzhou -- BOE(BOE) "Hello BOE" O_SPACE Institute for Better Life was unveiled on December 28 in Taikoo Li, a top fashion landmark in Beijing Sanlitun, accompanied by a strong atmosphere of New Year, marking a wonderful end to this extraordinary year of 2022. As an annual benchmarking brand marketing activity of BOE, this year "Hello BOE" will be fully upgraded and will build "Powered by" The concept of "BOE" industrial value innovation ecology is placed in a very core position. Consumers can see the logo of "BOE×(partner)" everywhere in the exhibition area, fully demonstrating that BOE is guided by the strategy of "Screen of Things" to enable all major brand products with technology. Since its launch in Chengdu in December, "Hello BOE" has not only presented a technological feast together with more than ten first-tier brands such as Honor and OPPO, but also had cross-border cooperation from aerospace media and S.O.E COFFEE partners. Moreover, it has attracted many central and local mainstream media and Internet celebrities to come to the scene to punch in and report spontaneously, which has aroused warm attention from the public.

"Hello BOE" O_SPACE Institute for a Better Life

As we wrap up this series, "Hello BOE "O_SPACE Better Life Research Institute made an amazing appearance in Taikoo Li, a top trend landmark in China. The brand new experience with a great sense of fashion and science and technology attracted the fashionable people to stop one after another. Outside the exhibition hall, a large naked eye 3D screen displays lifelike animations, which can be said to attract the eyes fully. In the exhibition hall, with "screen" as the core, three areas, "Screen Power Lab", "Screen Technology Lab" and "Screen iot Lab", are specially created. With highly creative interactive display, technological experiment and futuristic experience scene, the audience can deeply feel B OE(BOE) has profound accumulation and leading strength in technology, product and application, and has brought profound changes to the lives of millions of people.

In the "Screen Power Lab" exhibition area, the "BOE Time Machine" created by BOE(BOE) 105-inch BOE picture screen W1, the latest launched BOE, vividly presents the transition from the earliest black and white TV to today's ultra-large ultra-high-definition TV and the earliest black and white mobile phone to today's extremely technological through the interactive display of the integration of physical objects and screens The evolution history of stacking mobile phones and the gradual intelligent digitalization of a number of life scenes vividly shows the brilliant course that BOE has led China to display from less screen, to more screen, and then to screen connection under its unremitting efforts and persistence.

In "Screen Technology Lab" exhibition area,BOE(BOE) disassembled the four core technical processes of LCD screen production one by one, fully revealed to the public "the past and present life of a display screen", and also comprehensively displayed the three display technology brands of BOE(BOE) -- ADS Pro, f-OLED, α-MLED top technical strength. In the ADS Pro exhibition area, a 110-inch super-sized 8K ultra-HD screen that won the German Red Dot Award amazed the audience frequently. The ultra-HD display effect with exquisite precision brought extreme visual shock. The viewer can also feel the smooth and smooth look of the high brush technology instantly by comparing the picture of the normal 60Hz refresh rate monitor with the 360Hz high refresh rate monitor. At the same time,BOE also joined hands with Lenovo, Hisense, Raytheon, Macho, HP, OPPO and other domestic and foreign first-line brand manufacturers to create a special esports experience area, where BOE enabled a number of high-end mobile phones, esports notebooks, professional displays and other professional esports products to bring a full range of immersive esports for esports fans Check.

What will the future screen look like? In the f-OLED exhibition area, a flexible screen floats in the air and fluctuates up and down, showing the softness and beauty of the screen to the full. On the scroll device, the flexible screen unfolds and closes slowly like a picture scroll, which is highly ornamental and aesthetically pleasing... A series of futuristic technology experiments, such as flexure, folding, water immersion and sliding, have taken the flexible screen's imagination to the extreme. In addition,BOE has specially created a "flexible technology tree", which has a very creative shape displaying the Asus Zenbook 17, the world's first foldable laptop with the largest size enabled by BOE Fold notebook,BOE(BOE) "Z" font three fold display terminal, dynamic sliding roll screen more than 200,000 times and a series of futuristic leading products, let the audience appreciate BOE(BOE) in the field of flexible display strong technical strength.

α-MLED exhibition area, the on-site audience can not only directly feel the stb-free visual experience brought by BOE glass-based active constant current drive technology through comparative experiments, but also personally feel the world's first P0.9 glass-based active motion of BOE(BOE) MLED Display brings the ultimate gorgeous and dazzling picture quality. This product has won the 2021 SID "Best New Display Technology" award, and has been gradually applied in commercial display, high-end TV and other fields.

"Screen of Things Lab" creates a "screen of Things" world full of science fiction and future sense for the audience. The audience can board the "cosmic Flying car" in the "Star Station" and experience a series of "black technology" intelligent cockpit solutions that integrate naked eye 3D dashboard, haptic feedback steering wheel, intelligent sensitive Windows, AR HUD head display and so on. When you come to the "Space Garden", a large number of "future" plants cultivated by space breeding technology are displayed on the display shelf. By gently placing the container containing plant seeds on the digital booth, you can intelligently identify the detailed information of plants through BOE smart retail solution. At present, BOE has more than 300 retailers and more than 30,000 retailers in the world Stores provide smart retail Internet of Things solutions; In the "Space Art Museum",BOE's self-developed AI image enhancement technology and service solutions have continuously cooperated with many museums and TV stations to revitalize historical classic images. In the "Space Medical Museum",BOE also displayed its latest achievement in the field of intelligent medical engineering -- digital human intelligent health terminal. Visualization of 3D mutable human body was carried out to generate personalized 3D health files for users. BOE is now building a full-cycle health service with health management as the core, medical terminal as the lead and digital hospital as the support We have established BOE hospitals in Hefei, Chengdu, Suzhou and other places. At the end of the tour, the audience can also put on the VR glasses created by BOE to land on the moon in the meta-universe space and start an immersive "moon trip".

It is worth mentioning that BOE and S.O.E COFFEE, an aerospace cultural innovation and boutique coffee brand, jointly cooperate in this activity. Visitors can get space plant seed blind box and city-limited co-branded coffee by punching in the task. On the second day of the event,BOE(BOE) also opened a special esports theme day, where a large number of well-dressed cosplayers appeared. BOE(BOE) cooperated with People's esports to host BOE King's Cup · People's Esports Super League King's Glory Challenge National League after 1 and a half months of layer by layer selection will also welcome the national finals on December 29, with 3 players from all over the country A total of 710 teams comprised of 514 summoners will compete fiercely. The final two teams will decide the final champion on the same day, adding a heated atmosphere to the Beijing winter.

"Hello BOE" O_SPACE Institute for Better Life series brand exhibition tour not only successfully demonstrated BOE's industry-leading technology innovation ability, scene application ability and ecological collaboration ability through highly interactive and experiential innovation form, but also made BOE(BOE) adhere to the strategic innovation of "screen of Things" for many years The new achievements have been vividly interpreted, and the value growth of the industry has been driven by the twin wheels and wings of "technology + brand", so that the value of the "Powered by BOE" industrial innovation ecology it has been striving to build has become more visible and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

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Next year will usher in the 30th anniversary of the founding of BOE. As the main enterprise of the industrial chain, BOE(BOE) has bravely entered the "no man's land" of industrial practice through continuous innovation in the past 30 years, leading China's display industry from scratch, from large to strong. In the future, BOE will firmly follow the vision of "becoming the most respected great enterprise on Earth", deepen the vast fertile soil of Display and Internet of Things, be a wave breaker and forge ahead in the era of Internet of Everything, promote "Display and Internet of everything" to a broader new era of "Display and Internet of Everything", and open a new chapter of wisdom and bright future!

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