The World Internet Conference | The light of Dwork's ingenuity shines in Wuzhen Water Town

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/PRCWT/Wuzhen, November 15, 2023 - From November 7 to 10, "Wuzhen Time" will open again. After ten years, the World Internet Conference in the small bridge between the water, burst out more shining ideological sparks, in the exchange of views, condensed more global consensus. Multiplier intelligent Dongfeng, Zhongzhijie intelligent with the "Ningbo Exhibition group" to Wuzhen, share innovative technology, display practical results, shine the "Ningbo intelligent manufacturing" highlight.

Wuzhen water town, tide number wisdom future

In the past ten years, the simple Wuzhen water town has dedicated a grand gathering of the world's top Internet ideas and scientific and technological achievements, depicting a blueprint for the bright future of the digital economy. As an "old friend" of Wuzhen World Internet Conference, Su Yuxue, founder & President of Zhongzhijie Intelligence, was invited to the "ten-year engagement", during which he participated in a series of activities such as the opening ceremony of the conference, plenary meeting and titanium media cafe, "Straight through Wuzhen" global Internet Competition - Innovation Night cafe, and listened to the forward-looking views of the global "government, enterprise, academic research" and other big coffee from all walks of life It is of profound strategic significance for the founder team to deeply understand the application scenarios of multi-modal and intelligent large-scale models and grasp the new trends of global digital economy development. There is no doubt that Zhongzhijie Intelligence has made a strong mark on the 10th anniversary of the conference.

As the backbone of industrial intelligence, Zhongzhijie Intelligence with a sharp transformation perspective and deep understanding of the industry, the depth of interpretation of the management of the pain points of control and digital intelligence technology innovation. No number, no world, Zhongzhijie intelligent is committed to building a flexible, intelligent new industrial future for discrete manufacturing.

Strength dazzling technology, innovation discrete manufacturing

The process is complex, the product is updated quickly, the demand is customized, the production cycle is long... This makes enterprise managers realize that the traditional discrete manufacturing model has been unable to adapt to the era of digital intelligence, in order to better respond to market demand, enterprises urgently need to reshape the production mode to break the shackles of development.

The new generation of industrial software on display: DWORK Intelligent Manufacturing ·D-Work, with the innovative technology of "one turn, double change and double mode", breaks the traditional document-style thinking, encapsulates the industry Know How, data and algorithm models, forms the "nerve center" of the future flexible intelligent manufacturing factory, and creates an integrated solution of the executive layer. Under the command of the "nerve center", the enterprise's top-level business information "brain" and the automation "hands and feet" such as the bottom manipulator and AGV will achieve comprehensive perception, intelligent decision-making, and accurate execution, helping the discrete manufacturing industry to crack the production problems such as small batch, multi-variety, customization, and multi-change.

Industry benchmark, leading intelligent model

In this most technological and advanced international summit, Zhongzhijie Intelligence has, as always, become the focus of the industry and has received high attention from all walks of life in the industry. During the conference, Ye Xiaofang, general manager of Zhongzhijie Intelligent Ecological Center, was interviewed by Ningbo TV Station, Ningbo Daily and other mainstream media, showing the world the new solution ideas of a new generation of industrial software, and also building a collaborative intelligent manufacturing solution for future factories for discrete manufacturing industry.

All the way, Dwork intelligent manufacturing has gathered a number of automobile and parts, robots and parts, high-end equipment, new energy industry benchmarking cases, and witnessed nearly 200 subdivision industry listed enterprises, specialized special small giant enterprises, single champion enterprises innovation and change process, set up a good example of industrial intelligent manufacturing. The new generation of industrial software is a brave game, and Zhongzhijie Intelligence is proving its status and value to the world with practice.

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