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/PRZWT/GUANGZHOU, April 08, 2024 - For most people, the simplest happiness often comes from the small details. For example, when it comes to snacking, whether it's between work, being bored at home, chasing a drama, or some other scene, the company of snacks always makes us feel happy. If you choose the right snack.

So what kind of snacks are the most popular? Well, people's taste choices are different, and there may be no specific conclusion. However, although the category cannot be determined, the products must be consistent internally, that is, "light diet", "low sugar", "natural no additives" and so on. This is also the hottest consumer trend at present, especially for young consumers, it can be called the highest standard. In this regard, Yoyo Mei, the leader of China's green plum snack brand, obviously has the most say. Since 2022, Yoyo Mei has adhered to the strategy of single-product branding, which has created a strong consumer stickiness through continuous upgrading and renewal of products, and has also won a good reputation. At present, Yoyo Mei owns a number of hot-selling products such as snow plum, green tea green plum, prune, and real ebony plum. Among them, Youloumei has won the public's recognition and favor through its diverse taste bud experience and nutritional value.

In terms of raw materials, Yoyo Meizhen ebony uses tree-ripe green plums with full pulp, which contain a variety of natural organic acids, which can promote digestion and enhance immunity to the human body. On this basis, Yoyo Meizhen ebony also adds a variety of herbal extracts, including tangerine peel that can regulate qi and strengthen the spleen, licorice that nourishes qi and replenishes qi, and Luoshen flower that can clear heat and detoxify. This is not enough. In terms of craftsmanship, Yoyo Meizhen ebony inherits the ancient method of making plum, and uses 3 rounds of smokeless 52-degree light baking for 48 hours. Not only is the pulp thick, soft and waxy, but also maintains the original taste of ebony.

In addition, based on the characteristics and nutritional value of the ebony itself, the scientific research and processing of the yo-yo plum really ebony has a more diverse scene adaptability. For example, ebony has the effect of nourishing thirst and nourishing qi. For migrant workers and student parties, after being busy, a yo-yo plum really ebony, the sour and sweet taste bud touch can quickly get rid of anxiety and help you return to a good state in seconds; ebony can also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and activate stomach power. When you have no appetite at all due to high temperature or have some "urgency" in digestion, a yo-yo plum really ebony can effectively relieve it. Of course, the above scenarios are all based on health considerations, but don't forget that yo-yo plum really ebony also has leisure attributes, such as friends gathering, outing, corporate team building.... These scenes provide a space for Yoyo Meizhen to play, even if you stay at home to follow the drama, Yoyo Meizhen Meizhen is also the best company!

Good times, make an appointment with Youlou Meizhen ebony, refresh your physical state, and leap into spring with full vitality!

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