Life has no limits! Little Red Book and Huawei Mate60 series, play a "cliff satellite call"

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/PRCWT/November 15, 2023 GUANGZHOU - Towering mountains and steep rocks lie beneath. At the Songzam Baiba camp, which is more than 3,000 meters above sea level, you will have a thrilling and exciting climbing competition with hundreds of Fei Lada, and you will be fully committed to the natural mountains and feel the charm of outdoor sports.

This is this year's Little Red book outsiders Festival landing in Nyingchi, Xizang, and Huawei Mate60 series launched a "cliff phone booth" themed Easter egg activity. After climbing the flying Lada rest point, participants will make the first satellite call at the Huawei Mate 60 series cliff satellite call station to experience this far ahead of the "outdoor artifact".

The City Walk is too crowded

Turn around and head for the mountains

Last year, the Little Red Book Outsiders Festival set off an outdoor heat in the whole network, bringing hardcore outdoor activities such as road, riding, Frisbee, and waist flag to the public's attention, and invited a lot of outdoor stars and masters to join them, unlocking a variety of outdoor gameplay with a "fancy landing on the island" attitude.

This year, the Little Red book will shift the core from outdoor sports to the movement itself, with the theme of "going outdoors, nature has the answer", focusing on the mountains, walking toward the mountains, and choosing Songtsen Baiba Camp located in Nyingchi, Tibet as the main position of the offline activities of this outsider festival, through a series of beautiful mountain actions to allow invited guests to explore the mountain outdoor experience in an all-round way. It aims to express the target users with more primitive and wild outdoor expressions. It is worth noting that the popularity of City Walk has not decreased this year, and another version of "Walk", "Mountain Walk", is also quietly rising. The movement associated with "mountains" is more wild than it is in cities and peaceful places.

This time, the online and offline all-round linkage of the Little Red Outsiders Festival calls on people to walk into the mountains and wilderness to immerse themselves in the outdoor charm. At the same time, in order to let more people fall in love with the outdoors and understand the outdoors, this outsider festival opens up brand commercialization cooperation for the first time, and uses brand voice volume to increase the power of the activity and reach more vertical people. And based on the common signal instability scenario of outdoor travel, Huawei Mate 60 series to create a "far leading outdoor artifact" explosive marketing IP.

Spread fermentation by "far ahead" hot terrier

Create a new experience with outdoor artifacts

Since the launch of the Huawei Mate 60 series, it has maintained a high heat discussion about "far ahead". As the world's first mass smartphone to support satellite calls, Huawei Mate60 Pro provides users with great convenience in practical applications. This mobile phone can make calls and send and receive text messages without a ground network, so that users can maintain smooth communication in the outdoor conditions without signal, greatly improving the user's sense of security in the outdoor environment.

In today's era of "offline travel", travelers are in urgent need of a communication tool that is uninterrupted and can report safely anytime and anywhere to meet their needs for intimate contact with nature. The satellite call function of Huawei Mate 60 Pro undoubtedly meets this emotional need, allowing users to maintain contact with the outside world anytime and anywhere while enjoying nature, and enjoy outdoor freedom with full immersion.

Xiaohong Outsiders Festival insight into this need, in line with the "cliff phone booth" as the theme of the user experience bridge, while the platform launched the "far leading outdoor artifact" special page, efficient integration of official activities and quality content, convenient for small sweet potato one-stop understanding of the activity content, to help the brand depth occupy the relevant term concept.

Multi-layer view output quality content

Form a brand of natural grass power

In order to stimulate user engagement and interaction, the main activity H5 page is set up with a series of attractive points tasks. Users only need to complete the designated punch task to have a chance to win lucrative prizes such as Huawei Mate 60 Pro mobile phones. This initiative not only increases the attraction and attention of the event, but also helps to enhance the interactive nature of the brand and form a natural grass power.

Through participating in activities, little sweet potatoes continue to produce more scenes, more concrete pictures, videos and notes, continue to heat up the outsiders' Day activities, attract more potential users' attention and participation, and help the brand reach the vertical crowd. The outdoor value proposition, which is unrestricted and more pure with security considerations in mind, has received a positive response from many talents, who share their experiences and output quality content in the topic field.

In the opinion of outdoor expert @Yuffie Luo Xiaomui, hiking in the mountains during the holiday can help you get away from the Internet and tedious affairs and enjoy nature. In the process of travel, with the help of Huawei Mate 60 Pro, the transmission of satellite phone, SMS, location and activity trajectory is realized, which solves the problem of not wanting to be disturbed and hoping to contact the person you want to contact during travel, and provides a sense of security for walking to the place with bad signal.

On the other hand, blogger @Lilian Lilian also used video to record a National Day to avoid the flow of people, leaving the "ungrid travel". In the mountains where there is no signal, the satellite call function of Huawei Mate 60 Pro can add a security guarantee for travelers in unmanned areas, and share the beauty of what they see with their families for the first time.

In addition, the blogger @Liu Xiaobei son is not covered and @StellaSSj also harvested beautiful scenes with the help of Huawei Mate 60 Pro full-focus ultra-clear images comparable to professional camera lenses, which is worthy of being a "far ahead outdoor artifacts".

In the process of the activity, these sharing notes with different perspectives formed a high-quality content matrix centered on a multi-layer KOL, which strongly spread the product power, and also let users intuitively feel the concept of "exploring nature and finding answers to life" of the Little Red Book Outsiders Festival, realizing the brand's natural planting grass at the same time, and completing the strong breaking circle of this S+ platform-level activity.

Platform and brand linkage upgrade

Find more possibilities in outdoor Settings

Through this marketing linkage, the satellite call function of Huawei Mate 60 series is further deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so that product planting and brand communication can be realized in a more precise focused scene, and the small Red Book Outsiders Festival has also harvested a wave of hot long-term topic boost, to achieve the online and offline outdoor community crowd expansion circle, so that more people enjoy the real fun of outdoor sports.

Seize The Times, small red book upgraded the "outdoor" to the platform level category, to create a popular activity IP with "Outsider Festival" as the core, and combined with the brand to carry out in-depth marketing cooperation based on outdoor scenes, actively guide users to output resonating content, so as to feel the value proposition behind the activity and feed the platform content ecology. Truly become a high-stickiness user group that recognizes the brand concept.

From outdoor sports to outdoor itself, the platform successfully leverages the attention of outdoor people through continuous insight and marketing. It is not difficult to foresee that in the pursuit of the value proposition of life without limits, the outdoor IP of Little Red Book will continue to explore and innovate in concept, content and creation, and bring new examples to the brand and the industry.

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