Quanyou "Star +" custom series: freeze dark grain flow shadow, create an elegant home

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/PRCWT/Beijing, November 13, 2023 - With the transformation of contemporary core consumer groups, whole-house customization has replaced finished furniture and become the mainstream trend in the furniture and home improvement industry. The "2023 Residential Consumption Trend Observation Report" shows that people's living needs are diversified, personalized and high-quality, and personalized living environment is attractive to young people who pursue high-quality life.

The diversified and personalized demand of the consumer market is an important driving force for the upgrading of enterprise products. Combined with market trends, Quanyou deeply analyzes the needs of mainstream consumer groups, draws on the characteristics of the current trend, and launches a new customized new "Star Yao +" series to provide consumers with high-quality one-stop life solutions.

"Star +" takes the planet as design inspiration, infuses the natural texture of "rocks and hills", makes people feel as if they are in a foreign land, or as if they are in Qionglou, while implementing the comfort of home, it brings a new annotation to luxury.

Cruise light white leather grain door color elegant, warm and natural texture, meteor sandalwood grain cabinet with ink sand art back, texture trend clear, rich touch. The deep and shallow collision of different materials highlights the calm but not dull aesthetic feeling, highlighting the elegance and delicacy of modern light luxury.

The TV background wall uses a large area of the cabinet with the same color art backboard, which has a full sense of the whole, and the dark and light two colors are scattered and added, the level is more rich, and the collocation of the atmosphere light belt creates a movie-level light and shadow effect. The vertical display area can store the living room trifles and embed open display grids to restore neat and orderly.

The open side cabinet is displayed in an orderly manner, the metal open grid has excellent scratch resistance, and is durable. At the same time, it is integrated into the lighting system, which integrates modern light luxury and practicality more cleverly, and can store wine and wine tasting items, so that the pleasant dynamic official can enjoy more than delicious dishes.

Environmental protection paint-free finishing process, so that the door presents matte texture, tone more soft; The finish layer is treated with high pressure, the color fixing effect is improved, and the wear resistance and stain resistance are durable.

"Star Yao +" series is equipped with exclusive original handle, streamlined metal strip with fritillium gloss decorative pieces, very artistic and luxurious, the outer circle and inner arc is not easy to hurt the hand, minimalist shape embellished in the cabinet, and the soft luster.

The bedroom is based on Cruise light white leather pattern, giving the space a warm atmosphere. The cabinet body is simplified, the ultra-high mask door, metal hanger, double-layer storage grid, large-capacity closure four withdrawals into one, the hanging area, stacking area, drawer area orderly planning, consumers can customize, to create a sense of beauty and efficient storage integration symbionic home model.

In addition to the mask door, consumers can also choose aluminum frame glass door, double side wide edge + top and bottom narrow edge design, the structure is more stable, not only reduces the visual block, the space is also more light and transparent.

Independent study + work area, make the space more quiet, office and reading have become vivid and comfortable. The bookcase combines glass cabinets, display shelves, drawers and closed cabinets, which not only meets the personalized living habits and all-round needs of consumers, but also interprets the balance art of storage and display, and writes a calm mood.

The balcony will be functional integration, custom raised cabinet, can be planned according to consumer needs, more washing supplies or cleaning tools. Washing and drying two-position design, one stop to get laundry drying, enjoy convenient life.

Consumers can also be matched with the "Star +" series of overall cabinets, bathroom cabinets to achieve the whole house, truly meet the needs of consumers "integrated home customization".

Freeze dark grain flow shadow, taste low-key looming, unlock every wonderful moment of life. Quanyou house custom "Star Yao +" new products have been listed nationwide, welcome consumers to Quanyou nationwide major offline stores for consultation and purchase.

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