The launch ceremony of Maopu Herbal China Tour was held on September 15th!

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/PRCWT/ Wuhan, September 14——Health is the greatest productivity, and the construction of a healthy China reflects the country's people-centered development concept and development direction of improving people's well-being, according to the Key work points of the Healthy China Action 2023.

For thousands of years, people's pursuit of health has never stopped, at present, people have more and more strong demand for a healthy lifestyle, consumers' demand for liquor has changed significantly, "drink less, drink well, drink healthy" has become a new trend of liquor consumption.

In response to the call of The Times, focus on the needs of the people. The company focuses on the big health industry, with the brand positioning of "innovative herbal technology, creating healthy life", and constantly provides healthy products and services to the society. On September 15, the launch ceremony of "Maopu Herbal China Tour" will be held in Wuhan, Hubei Province. With the theme of "Healthy Future in the Herbal Era", the event joined hands with representatives of various industries to talk about the new ideas and new pattern of the development of Chinese herbal liquor!

Discuss the value of herbs in the era of great health

Two rivers floating Guangxia, three towns in the clouds; The boundless thousands of sails, the surging blue waves east. The event was held in Jiangcheng, a beautiful city with outstanding people. People from all walks of life in politics, business, culture and learning gathered together to focus on liquor strategy and talk about a healthy future.

Famous guests such as Yang Xingming, Vice Chairman of Hubei Federation of Industry and Commerce, Wang Xuliang, Secretary-General of Liquor Technology Innovation Strategy Development Committee of China Wine Industry Association, Chen Jianqiang, Director of Healthy China Action Publicity Platform, Shi Jun, Doctor of Botany of Institute of Botany of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lei Jiayin, spokesperson of Maopu Brand, will be present, and Chen Ming, a famous speaker and moderator, will be the host of this event . It is a passionate collision of wisdom and ideas.

It is reported that at this event, people from all walks of life will express their opinions and jointly discuss the value and significance of "herbal era, healthy future". From "the origin of herbs" to "the role and significance of herbs into wine", to the discussion of "the characteristics and health value of herbal liquor", to the prospect of the future development of herbal liquor...... This is an industry event full of sparks of thought. In addition, Maopu brand spokesperson Lei Jiayin will also be at the scene to participate in the launch ceremony of herbal China and share his experience as a "loyal fan" of Maopu herbal wine.

Strong lead, talk about the new future of herbal liquor health cause

Know herbs, walk the world. As the pioneer and leader of herbal wine in China, Maopu has always adhered to the principle of quality first and health first. As early as ten years ago, it innovatively integrated various herbal active ingredients such as tartabuckwheat, kudu root and wolfberry, and pioneered a new category. Maopu Herbal vintage wine gathers Oriental herbal wisdom and features "health, technology and quality", opening up a new track of healthy liquor, responding to the urgent needs of consumers for healthy drinking and healthy life. In addition, Maopu herbal vintage wine adheres to the precious year, aged in 12 years pottery jar, and gives back the true taste of years, which is a good wine of "harmony and difference".

This event will also witness the official launch of the Maopu Herb China Tour project. It is reported that the "Maopu Herb China Tour" is the core IP activity of the Maopu brand in 2023. Maopu Herb Wine will join hands with iQiyi, NetEase News, China National Geographic, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation and other media platforms and institutions to jointly speak, trace the source of the herb growth and explore Chinese herbal wisdom, inheritance and development of Chinese herbal culture.

On September 15, let's meet in Wuhan, China to witness the herbal era and go to a healthy future together! Stay tuned.

Source: Corporate press release
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