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/ Aswuntong/December 29, 2022 Guangzhou - On December 28, 2022, ugee, the world's famous digital writing brand, officially announced the global brand renewal, the release of the brand Logo and brand IP image. The global brand renewal is not only a classic inheritance of ugee's 25-year development history in the field of digital handwriting, but also an extension and breakthrough of the new brand connotation of "drawing a new world and unlocking new possibilities" in terms of products, humanistic insight and industry ecology.

ugee has been with users for 25 years since the launch of a product. Back in 1998, when the world entered the Internet era, ugee became the first technology brand in China to open the door of digital writing and became a bridge linking digital technology with the pen and paper world. Over the past 25 years, ugee has not only made continuous innovations and breakthroughs in products and services, but also invested a lot of energy to meet the interest needs of more people, so that users can obtain more software and hardware support at lower learning costs, and gain more fresh fun and practical value in the use experience. Adhering to the brand gene of self-innovation, in 2022, ugee decided to accompany users to draw a new world and unlock more new possibilities in the future with a new brand image.

Since 2021, ugee has started the preparatory work of brand rejuvenation, inviting the famous strategic consulting company Sirui Gao, which has served NBA, Alibaba, Huawei, Haier, vivo, Xiaopeng Automobile and other international leading commercial brands, to join. Reach this brand renewal and upgrade cooperation.

Through long-term company with users and profound insight into users, both parties jointly put forward the new brand concept of ugee You-based "drawing new world to unlock new possibilities". Focusing on more diversified needs, ugee will create more useful and applicable digital writing equipment, opening a novel world of digital writing for users, unlocking new possibilities in work, study and entertainment. Life's first painting board painting screen, for users, is their partner in painting, writing and creation. The new ugee focuses on the 5-30 years old pan-young group, for the pursuit of fresh and diverse experience of writing enthusiasts, education groups and other diverse groups, to provide more novel and diverse writing creative experience, to help users realize their ideas, fun interests.

At the same time, the new ugee Youji maintains the brand personality of "friendly and friendly, novel and interesting, open and diverse, humanistic insight", not only to provide users with cost-effective, reliable quality products, and around the life, work, study and other fields open novel and interesting writing world. Based on 25 years of in-depth user insight and demand mining, ugee has built a rich product matrix with diversified product ecology, and constantly innovates new product forms to stimulate the growth potential of users and accompany them to grow in multiple fields in the writing world.

In addition, ugee created a new VI visual image, in order to more close to the user preferences of the design concept, so that users enjoy the fun of writing while more easily into the digital writing world. ugee's new Logo deconstructs and reshaps the case of letters. ug with simple sans serif font, symbol of the core of brand technology; ee uses hand-painted brushstrokes to symbolize the expression of brand art. The combination of ugee fonts represents the compatibility of technology and art, as well as the diversity and industry attributes of the brand. All lowercase letters, make the brand more affinity, at the same time, g and ee font implied the arc of a smile, make the brand affinity double, but also will create a new insight to create multiple products of the world's famous digital writing technology brand brand positioning incisively and vividly, just right.

In addition, the rich color collocation flexible and changeable lines, for users in various fields to bring a colorful and changeable, lively fashion, elegant high-end visual experience.

Not only that, the brand renewal of ugee also released the double IP brand image - small u and small g, with vivid, image, specific, fresh, close to the personification of the brand expression and young multiple users emotional resonance, to provide users with a more relaxed and interesting experience. Next, the enthusiastic and cheerful little u and the hot little g will be integrated into the rich user usage scene and product ecology, so as to have more intimate interaction with users, build the expression of the product closer to the young people's lifestyle, and add a new temperature to ugee.

From the painting board, painting screen to the continuous expansion of intelligent painting product ecology, ugee friendly base for users to provide diversified use scenarios, at the same time, the official website also carried out a comprehensive renewal. The smart, relaxed, lively, concise and free style will bring users a new look, and the official website in 10 languages at home and abroad will be launched at the same time, bringing better visiting experience for global users.

From the first active wired painting board, to the first passive wireless painting screen amazing debut, from the independent research and development of EMR electromagnetic induction core technology and more than 100 patents, to successively won the red dot design award, Japan excellent Design Award and other international awards, ugee Friendly Base from product performance, design to supporting digital drawing course service is constantly updated, to establish a deep user insight.

After years of industry deep cultivation, ugee Youji has successfully developed digital painting, digital handwriting, intelligent handwriting education, pen and paper recording and other products, products covering painting board, painting screen, painting all-in-one, writing board, passive electromagnetic pressure sensing pen and other categories. It has provided rich and diversified products and services to millions of users in more than 30 countries and regions, including digital painting beginners/hobbyists, network teaching and telecommuting, and built CG innovation ecology such as Art Star and Wing Dimension.

At present, ugee Youji S series painting board, painting series painting board, Manying series painting board, EX08 PRO painting board, U series painting screen, EXRAI series painting screen and other products are hot in the sale.

With the brand renewal, ugee will create a more diversified product layout, on the basis of painting products, further play its own resource advantages, focusing on the layout of products in the field of handwriting technology such as children's education, creative writing, office notes, learning and calligraphy.

In the future, ugee will be a new brand image for the new generation to provide novel, diverse writing and creative experience, with new insight to create a multi-product of the world's famous digital writing technology brand. ugee believes that through the continuous company of products and brands, the talent and potential of users will be inspired, so that ugee can become the creative partner of users in different growth stages of their life, and together they can "draw a new world to unlock new possibilities"!

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