Emma electric car hand in hand with "Cut through the Thorns 3" the whole network brush screen, with the top stream fashion star hot out of the circle

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/PRCWT/Beijing, November 15, 2023 - On November 10, the final of "Cut Through the Thorns 3" was officially staged, and after six performances on the stage,17 older brothers joined the "all-round singing family". According to the War report, the number of short videos played on the whole network of "Breaking Through the Thorns 3" exceeded 31.2 billion, and the related topics blew up the whole network, becoming an undisputed variety top stream.

And along the way with the brothers burning love chasing dreams of Emma electric vehicles, not only through the deep integration of the program content to achieve the brand break circle, the low-carbon environmental protection riding fashion to more consumers, but also to the whole network hot talk and word-of-mouth fermentation successful empower terminal sales.

Looking back at 2023, Emma can be called a "flow harvester", and hand in hand with "Breaking through the Thorns 3", "Riding the wind 2023", "Youth flying in general", "star chasers" and other top flow variety, to achieve a full-dimensional win-win situation of "product exposure + star effect + brand value + sales transformation", which has brought the industry an advanced game of variety marketing.

First, the program x brand is highly matched

Let Emma variety marketing win at the starting line

From the industry point of view, variety implant is not rare, in the marketing method so internal volume today, if only the variety implant as an exposure window, it is not enough to precipitate the user. Only when the tone of the brand and the tone of the program are unified, can the audience form a comfortable and natural feeling and bring effective traffic to the brand.

As we all know, Emma and the Pejing series, the wind series has been several cooperation, as a phenomenon variety, each season of the program gathered a large number of strength and fashion coexist top stream artists, and Emma's "fashion" brand tone is highly consistent. There is also a sports documentary program "Youth Fly", the theme of the program Frisbee itself is deeply loved by young people who follow fashion, and the positive, inclusive and casual sports atmosphere advocated by Frisbee sports also coincides with Emma's "comfortable", so that Emma's brand value and connotation are more vivid interpretation in the program.

At the same time, the young audience of these programs also happens to be the main consumer group of Emma. The matching of brand values and user groups makes the cooperation between the two produce the effect of 1+1>2, bringing positive and accurate traffic to the brand.

Second, play variety marketing with content thinking

To seize the user's mind in a subtle way

The essence of variety marketing is content marketing. Only by deeply integrating marketing content into the program can we deliver brand value without affecting users' viewing experience.

In Emma's variety marketing, we can see that Emma is planting with "content thinking", not only using the program as an exposure tool, but integrating it with the mentality of playing together. In the program "Breaking Through the Thorns 3", Emma accompanied the screen with "love", regardless of training or actual combat, Emma real-time "bullet screen interaction", leading the audience to immerse in catch-up. The loving interaction with Ma Boqian, Wang Yuexin and other brothers makes Emma Commander Pro "plant grass" more young people. Every step of the brothers' growth, there are intimate records of "love".

In the "Star Pursuer 3", when every public star is the most tired of walking between various attractions, Emma's timely appearance not only helps the star to enjoy the fun of traveling, adds more points for the program, but also lets everyone remember Emma's electric car with both fashion and technology.

It can be seen from Emma's variety marketing that the matching tonality creates an advantageous premise for cooperation. The implantation method of content thinking makes the brand and the program perfectly integrate, effectively penetrate into the interest field of young people, seize the minds of users in a subtle way, and realize the efficient accumulation of brand equity.

Third, deep bundle integrated marketing

Further expand the circle of communication

From "Ride the Wind 2023" to "Break the Way 3", Emma adheres to the "long-term doctrine" in variety marketing, not only has a deeper binding with variety IP, but also signed the popular stars in the program as brand fashion officers, so that the product can smoothly undertake fan traffic.

During the hot broadcast of "Riding the Wind 2023", Emma signed "sister" Zhu Zhu to become a brand fashion officer, Zhu Zhu and Emma's balls series, Emma time, Emma Lafayette, Emma Happy Q70 and other fashion good car shot fashion blockbuster on the world's top fashion magazine "ELLE", which triggered a heated discussion among users of the whole network.

"Cut through the Thorns 3" before the premiere, Emma and signed the "brother" Ma Boqian to become a brand fashion officer, Ma Boqian cooperation Emma commander Pro video shot, not only passed out a different style, but also attracted many netizens praise.

Through integrated marketing outside the program, Emma continues to strengthen its visibility and influence in the young user group, so as to achieve rapid product planting and strong emergence.

Sum up

On the whole, Emma's variety marketing process in 2023 not only effectively communicated the product power, deeply tied the fashion, trend, and young brand image with the program scene, but also built a full-link closed-loop from "content drainage + marketing interaction + product transformation", creating a benchmark model for the industry to play variety marketing.

In today's increasingly competitive marketing homogenization, Emma has effectively harvested brand traffic brought by variety IP, promoted the brand to continue to precipitate user assets, and made the marketing slogan of "Fashion Emma travel freely" sound, truly achieving "product and effect integration".

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