A good harvest! In 2023, five National literary and art Awards won in Shaanxi

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/PRCWT/Shaanxi, November 14, 2023 -- Shaanxi literature and art circles have won a total of five national awards in 2023, namely Plum Flower Award, Huabao Award, Golden Bell Award, Mountain Flower Award and Golden Rooster Award, according to the Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Literature and Art Circles.

Plum Blossom Prize

On May 21, 2023, Wang Hang, a young Qinqiang actor, won the Plum Blossom Performance Award of the 9th China Drama Award (the 31st Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award) for her wonderful performance in the Qinqiang Opera "Du Fu". She is the only Qinqiang actor among the 15 winners this year, and the 30th actor in Shaanxi Province to win the "Plum Blossom".

Wang Hang, actor of the third troupe of Shaanxi Provincial Opera Research Institute. Member of China Dramatists Association, director of Shaanxi Provincial Dramatists Association, Shaanxi Province "Baiqing" writer and artist, Beijing Olympic torch bearer. The main attack on civilian and military students, both. Mr. Li Dongqiao, a famous Qinqiang performing artist, entered the house as his disciple. By Wu Huawen, Xu Xiaoqiang, Yang Jun, Wang Fusheng, Kang Yunxiang and other directors of the teacher's long-term guidance.

Hua Biao Award

On May 23, the Shaanxi film "There is a Good Place in the Tree" won the 19th Huabian Award for Outstanding children's film. This is also the Shaanxi literary and art circles after 2013, the film "Qian Xuesen" produced by the Western Film Group won the 15th China Film Huabao Award Outstanding Feature film Award, after ten years, once again won the Huabao Award.

"A Good Place in the Tree" is a children's film written and directed by Zhang Zhonghua. It is produced by Xi 'an Xiblu Children's Film Production Co., LTD., Neifi Technology Co., LTD., Hancheng Yellow River Film Holding Group Co., LTD., Hancheng Korean Tourism Industry Development Group Co., LTD., and tells the story of childhood in the late 1990s in rural Guanzhong, Shaanxi Province.

Zhang Zhonghua, originally named Zhang Lei, was born in Lintong, Xi 'an. Teacher, screenwriter, director, producer. The young pace-setter in Shaanxi Province, the "Five one Project" outstanding cultural newcomer nominated by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, and the "Baiqing" literary artist in Shaanxi Province. Member of Chinese Film Literature Society, member of Chinese University Film and Television Society, member of Shaanxi Provincial Film Association. Representative works include "There is a good Place in the tree", "There is a good Place in the Tree 2: Art teacher's sheep class", "Years of Overlord", "Piglet Run", "There is a good Place by the River" and so on.

Golden Bell Awards

On Oct 24, Zhang Li, who was recommended by the Shaanxi Musicians Association, won the Golden Bell Award in the final of the Vocal (Ethnic) group of the 14th China Music Golden Bell Awards with a total score of 98.1 points.

Zhang Li is a member of Chinese Musicians Association, a "Baiqing" literary artist in Shaanxi Province, a member of North Shaanxi Folk Song Research Association of China Music Association, a member of Shaanxi Musicians Association, and a director of Yan 'an City Musicians Association.

In 2014, she was admitted to the Department of Vocal Music of Xi 'an Conservatory of Music and studied ethnic vocal singing under the guidance of Associate Professor Li Yadong. He once worked in Yan 'an Song and Dance Troupe as a soloist; Since March 2022, she has been working as a vocal music teacher at Lu Xun Art College of Yan 'an University.

Mountain Flower Awards

On October 31, the results of the 16th China Folk Literature and Art Mountain Flower Award were announced, and the folk song work "Rolling Pin Felt Tune" selected by the Shaanxi Folk Literature and Art Association won the Outstanding folk Art performance award.

"Rolling Mat Song" is an original song with the charm of original folk song, which is based on the production process, product form and purpose of felt of the intangible cultural heritage "Wuqi Rolling Mat Technique" of Shaanxi Province. During the performance, ten actors demonstrated the process of rippling felt, spraying oil, rolling curtain, spreading hair, washing felt, shaping, etc., vividly and truly reproducing the production process of rippling felt, skillfully using various tools as the accompaniment of "Musical Instruments". In the singing of the wind of Taoist sentiment in northern Shaanxi and the musical structure of labor song, Reproducing the production and living state and positive attitude of people in northern Shaanxi has a strong stage appeal.

Golden Rooster Award

On Nov 4, a local film from Shaanxi province won the Best Children's Film award at the 36th China Golden Rooster Awards. This is the first time in 12 years that a Shaanxi film has won this award.

The film "Rattle" is based on Shaanxi, filmed in Shaanxi, the main creators are from Shaanxi, director Bai Zhiqiang. The film tells the story of the truck driver Gou Ren to seek revenge for his son, encounter the "bear child" edamame who is looking for his father, under chance coincidence, two people set foot on a journey of irony and irony. The film focuses on the social reality, and puts the story of left-behind children on the screen with a simple film narrative, showing the past life status of the rural people in northern Shaanxi with a "deadly reality", causing the society to think deeply about the problem of "left-behind children". Once the film was released, it quickly attracted a lot of fans, allowing Shaanxi local stories to enter the public's vision, causing all walks of life to pay high attention to Shaanxi films.

Bai Zhiqiang, a native of Qingjian, Shaanxi Province, graduated from the photography major of Xi 'an Academy of Fine Arts. He has participated in the production of dozens of films, TV series and drama works. Representative works: "Rattle Dong Dong Ring", "Singing while walking", "Daoqing", "Voice life" and so on.

Drama, film, music, folk art, four art categories, golden rooster, Huachu, plum blossom, golden bell, mountain flower, five national heavyweight literary awards, awards authoritative, high gold content, great influence, in a year at the same time in the bag is not easy. Throughout the several award-winning works, from Qin opera, northern Shaanxi folk songs, to local films, folk literature, from the creation of the theme to the form of expression, are deeply rooted in this thick yellow land, rooted in the lives of the people. It tells the stories around the people, sings the tunes that the people are familiar with, plays the twists and turns of life, and dances the people's yearning for a happy and beautiful life.

Among the winners of this year's National Literary and Art Award, Wang Hang, Zhang Li and Zhang Zhonghua are all literary and art talents selected to support the "Baiqing" literary and art scholars in Shaanxi Province. Since the launch of this support action in 2014, it has been strongly supported by the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and provincial government, and 170 young literary and artistic talents in various artistic categories have been selected. Over the years, Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Literature and Art has provided a broad stage and training opportunities for young literary and art workers, opened a "fast road" for growth, and helped them forge ahead in their respective fields and make a mark through project support, literary and art training, learning, exhibition and performance, recommendation and award, and other ways.

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