"Visit Bailian Tour Shanghai" the second Lianhua Burning Festival opens

2023-09-18 10:16 0

/PRCWT/ Shanghai, September 18——From September 23 to September 24, the 2nd Lianhua Motor Festival main venue activities will be kicked off in Shanghai New Exchange, which is one of the series of activities themed "Bailian Tour Shanghai" by Bailian Group in depth participation in the 34th Shanghai Tourism Festival.

In response to the public's pursuit of health and beauty, Lianhua Shares, a subsidiary of Bailian Group, actively uses the advantages of brand resources to cooperate with the operators of major international sports events, and strives to transform the "demand list" of the public into the "satisfaction list" of the "quarter of an hour life circle", lighting up the artistic passion, blooming new vitality of sports, and helping the new way of a better life.

Lianhua's second Burning Festival creates a tennis-themed sports and art show

This year, Lianhua joined hands with Jiushi Sports, taking the "Shanghai Rolex Masters" held at the door of Shanghai citizens as an opportunity to create the "Yearning to the Net" movement and art show, in a variety of activities, so that the public feel the happiness brought by sports and consumption. In order to let the public closer to the sport of tennis, Jiuji Sports launched different price range of tickets, only the price of a meal, you can enjoy this international sports feast, from different levels to enhance the happiness of the public.

The festival lasts 47 days and is divided into 1 main venue (Shangsheng New Office), 3 warm-up activities (mini tennis match, city walk, flash tour) and more than 100 sub-venues (Century Lianhua, Lianhua supermarket stores). In the meantime, the venue will cooperate with the activity cycle, the launch of the store theme merchandise display, special activities and weekend market, Jiushi sports, taste, Pepsi food, Mengniu, Dove, Jianlibao, Qibao Panda and many other enterprises will bring novel brand goods and activities, jointly present a consumer feast, to achieve the "two-way" of consumers and businesses.

In the main venue activities, consumers can interact in the artist market and art cafe at zero distance, wander in the art sea, and taste the intangible wood carving, handmade pendants, aromatherapy and other works of art; Card tennis area, close to appreciate the Shanghai Rolex Masters Championship trophy and champion Terracotta Warriors sculpture, feel the world's love for tennis; There are also live mini-games, wonderful performances, AI interaction and mystery awards, and it is definitely a good place to relax on the weekend. Before September 21, consumers go to century Lianhua and Lianhua supermarket direct stores, become a member of Unicom, the first single consumption of more than 50 yuan can get a general ticket for the burning festival,3 "joint lotus" can also be upgraded into the burning festival VIP tickets, punch the card on-site activities, you can get more benefits and gifts.

"To coupon price" strong help to fuel the festival, so that the surprise does not stop there

From September 15 to September 17, Lianhua also launched the "coupon price" to help fuel the festival, more than ten best-selling selected livelihood commodities, covering fruit, meat and poultry, rice, flour, grain and oil, dairy baking, food, beverages, condiments and other categories. Consumers can log in to the iBailian APP, Bailian to home mini program or to Shanghai Century Lianhua, Lianhua supermarket direct stores, enjoy very cost-effective quality goods.

Lianhua "coupon price" directly help consumers to bring down the price of goods, superimpose the same period of online "Mid-Autumn Festival gift Hui city" activities, you can also receive different thresholds of full reduction coupons, multiple concessions, unprecedented commodity prices. Lianhua hopes that through the "coupon price", while benefiting the people, it will help fuel the movement of the festival.

In the face of increasingly diversified and personalized consumption demands, Bailian and its formats actively explore new consumption scenarios, provide new consumption experiences, and jointly create an immersive, social, and original innovative consumption model. In recent years, Lianhua has continued to rely on the resources of Bailian Group and its own advantages to carry out in-depth cooperation with all parties, such as: holding a series of themed activities such as "Lighting dream Dinner" and "Burning Movement Festival", combining the popular sports and art elements, working together through online and offline efforts, and "enjoying together" with consumers through enriching consumption scenes, so that the general public can enjoy daily necessities By the good life, for consumers to leave a unique memory point.

Source: Corporate press release
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