Remote Star Enjoy V7E is officially launched, and the champion Star Enjoy family expands its 7-party product matrix

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/PRZWT/Guangzhou, April 24, 2024 - On April 21, the long-distance new energy commercial vehicle successfully held the national launch conference of the long-distance Starshare V7E. The new product of the long-distance Starshare family, which is positioned as "City with 7-party value-added VAN", is officially launched, and the price starts from 112,800 yuan. Compared with the light passenger oil vehicle of the same level, the new car can save 23,000 in the first year TCO cost, truly realize the profit of electricity than oil, and bring users up to 7 car purchase gifts, including "trade-in and enjoy 4,000 yuan replacement subsidy", to help users start bigger business.

The Xingxiang family has won the sales crown for 2 consecutive years

Inherit the champion gene and launch new products remotely

As a leader in the field of new energy commercial vehicles, Remote has been focusing on the new energy track for 10 years, and has a full range of new energy products that are being developed in the scene, covering long-distance trunk lines to end logistics. Among them, the remote Starshare family that truly grasps the "really generous, special packaging" has continuously expanded the matrix and continued to lead various market segments. With strong product strength, it has won market recognition and created a family matrix of "all employees".

At present, the long-range Star Enjoy family has accumulated a user base of over 100,000. In the past two years, the long-range Star Enjoy family has won a total of 25 monthly sales champions and withstood the double test of the market and time. The different models of the long-range Star Enjoy family are leading TOP level in various sub-sectors. Its first product, Long-range Star Enjoy V, with its 6-party leapfrog space and rich intelligent configuration, achieved a dimension reduction blow to the micro-face market limited to 5 parties at that time, and opened the road of the Star Enjoy family's championship. At the same time, the upgrade of Champion Star Enjoy V has never stopped, expanding the long-range Star Enjoy V6E Plus model and the long-range Star Enjoy V6E functional version, continuously meeting the needs of urban distribution users in different sizes and scenarios; the long-range Star Enjoy F1E pure electric micro-card became popular when it was launched, and it quickly became the first in the market segment after six weeks of listing.

On top of the championship, the long-distance Star Enjoy family continues to be user request-oriented and introduce more new innovative products to the market. The long-distance Star Enjoy V7E is to launch new VAN products for the 7-party light-duty market in order to continuously meet the needs of urban distribution users such as platform logistics and supermarket distribution.

Built for the 7-party light-duty market

Remote Star Enjoy V7E officially launched

The long-range Star Enjoy V7E inherits the excellent genes of the Star Enjoy family, has the quality endorsement and technical support of the Star Enjoy family, and its product strength is leading the same level. It is mainly characterized by "generous volume, high load, long battery life, and more convenience". It has carried out rigorous self-research and design in terms of appearance, cockpit experience, space, load, Sandian, human design, and safety configuration, aiming to create a new VAN car with 7 square meters of market value.

The ultimate space utilization is the primary advantage of the remote Star Enjoy V7E. The 3260mm congeneric product has the longest inner length of the cargo compartment, 7m ^ 3; the cargo compartment volume allows users to load enough at one time and pull it away in one go, focusing on ease and efficiency. 1.3T rated load, leading the load of the same level models by 4% -8%, that is, 50-100kg, can meet the needs of light and heavy-duty users at the same time, and the transportation scene is more adaptable.

Remote full-stack self-developed Sandian core technology, power battery up to 10 years or 600,000 kilometers industry longest quality assurance, highly integrated electric drive system efficiency up to 97.86%. 1.2m industry largest side door width, 270 ° large opening angle large tailgate, 650mm cargo platform height from the ground, so that users can load and unload goods more convenient, more complete experience.

In the long-range Star Enjoy V7E, the leading large space and loading capacity, combined with the excellent power system and 360 ° user-friendly design, truly realize the ability to load, run and earn, and are more suitable for urban commercial vehicle operation scenarios.

Enjoy the best TCO usage cost

Remote real sense of "electricity than oil earn"

In addition to stronger product power, Remote also uses perfect ecological support to give users more complete scene satisfaction, and uses innovative business models to give users more opportunities for success. Through the attractive car purchase policy and the "Remote Worry-Free Plan" marketing model support, support the four major model innovations of car and electricity separation, value preservation and repurchase, old car remanufacturing, and trade-in, and integrate industrial chain and value chain resources, not only allowing users to buy less, but also less, and more users to create a three-dimensional user service ecosystem of'buy, use, return, and exchange ', allowing users to use more savings, earn more, and experience the new experience of electricity earning more than oil.

Remote Star Enjoy V7E Smart Core starts from 38.7 kWh of electricity 112,800 yuan, and Remote Star Enjoy V7E Smart Core starts from 48.38 kWh of electricity 119,800 yuan. Users can enjoy the unlimited value of urban 7-party super VAN with a budget lower than the same level. In addition, Remote has prepared a sincere car purchase policy for users who buy Star Enjoy V7E, providing car purchase gifts worth 7777 yuan, including 77 yuan to deduct 2,000 yuan of car models, "trade-in" up to 4,000 yuan replacement subsidy, etc., so that users can save a sum on top of the preferential price.

The remote also calculates an "economic account" for the user. The V7E buys a car with a down payment of 11,000 yuan, an annual loan repayment of 28,000 yuan, an annual fuel + maintenance + insurance of 17,000 yuan, and an annual car cost of 45,000 yuan; while the same level of light passenger oil car buys a car with a down payment of 15,000 yuan, an annual loan repayment of 29,000 yuan, an annual fuel + maintenance + insurance of 39,000 yuan, and an annual car cost of 68,000 yuan! The same source of goods, the same payment, and the V7E earns an extra 23,000 yuan in the first year and 74,000 yuan in the first three years! A strong impact on the fuel market of the same level.

In the future, the long-range Star Enjoy V7E will become a new main product leading the industry, self-developed with core technology and scene definition, triggering 7-party changes in the industry and leading the development of the VAN car market. The long-range Star Enjoy V7E is truly 7-party and can be installed more, bringing users the absolute value benchmark of the 7-party VAN car market, allowing every user to run on the road to wealth.

Source: Corporate press release
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