Abison appeared at the 13th Energy Enterprise Information Conference, Micro LED won the product Technology Innovation Award

2023-11-14 14:01 0

/PRCWT/Beijing, November 14, 2023 - On November 10, the 13th Energy Enterprise Informatization Conference hosted by the China Information Association was held in Beijing. Nearly 1,000 representatives and experts from government departments, large state-owned enterprises in the energy field, industry institutions, research institutes and information technology enterprises attended the meeting.

The theme of this conference is "Integration of data and reality, Empowering the Future", focusing on the direction and tasks of digital energy construction in the new era. Abison, as the only LED display company, was invited to participate in the conference to share solutions in the energy industry and help the digital construction of energy with leading display technology innovation.

As the digital economy has become a new engine for high-quality development of the global economy, display devices have become ubiquitous as carriers of information dissemination. LED displays have developed rapidly in the large-size display market with advantages such as high brightness and seamless stitching. Abison deeply cultivates the field of LED display, promotes cutting-edge technology innovation such as Micro LED, and provides safe, stable and reliable display technology support for the digital construction of all walks of life.

In view of the pain points and needs of energy enterprises in daily operation management, command and dispatch, information display, video signal management and control, Abison launched LED display and control integrated solutions to help energy enterprises achieve comprehensive monitoring and visual management of value chain links such as production, dispatch, transportation, sales and service, and improve the level of digital, networking and intelligent management.

At present, Abison LED display products and related solutions with its stability, reliability and flexibility, are widely used in the control room, command center, conference room and other scenes of leading enterprises such as petroleum and petrochemical, electric power, coal and new energy, and deeply participate in the digital transformation of the energy industry. It plays an important role in operation command, production scheduling decision support, operation and maintenance monitoring, etc., and is widely praised by global customers.

It is worth mentioning that at this conference, Abison Micro LED products were successfully selected as technological innovation achievements of 2023 energy enterprise information products, and the product technical strength was recognized again.

Participating in the Energy Enterprise Informatization conference allowed Abison to further understand the needs of the energy industry and apply the practical experience shared by industry experts to future technological research and product innovation. In the future, Abison will continue to seize the development opportunities of energy digital transformation, with products and solutions that are more in line with the needs of the industry, help energy enterprises to improve the digital level, and contribute to the construction of digital energy.

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