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/PRCWT/Beijing, November 14, 2023 - One of the most overlooked aspects of the renovation process is to provide a healthy light environment for the house. Many consumers in the purchase of lamps for the home, put more attention to the shape and brightness of the lamps, in fact, the most important thing is to start from the idea of the whole house, the use of "light" and the environment, to the human perspective of systematic, humanized lighting collocation program, which is the foundation of a healthy light environment.

So, how to create a healthy whole-house light environment?

First, let's look at several important parameters of lighting: illuminance, color temperature, color rendering index.

1. Illumination

Illuminance is the brightness of the light, and it is also a parameter that is most easily felt by consumers. In the purchase of lamps, consumers can easily fall into a misunderstanding, that is, the illumination of the light and power equal. In fact, the two are not exactly equivalent, if you want to choose the right luminaire brightness, or to the illuminance parameter indicators prevail.

2. Color temperature

Color temperature is the color of light, white light, neutral light, warm light, and also between the two, such as warm white light, warm yellow light, cold white light, and so on. The different color temperature can create different space atmosphere, such as the warm light with low color temperature, can create a warm and relaxed atmosphere; White light with high color temperature can illuminate the entire space, which is more suitable for office and study study.

3. Color rendering index

The color rendering index is the degree of restoration of the color of the object after the light shines on the object. Compare the following figure:

In plain words to help everyone understand is that the lower the color rendering index, the greater the color difference. When we choose the lighting, these three lighting parameters should be combined with the specific house space, so that the lighting effect can better play a role.

Living room lighting selection:

The living room is the public activity area of the home, which is mainly used for meeting and leisure. Therefore, the living room lighting requirements are bright and comfortable. In the choice of illumination, you can choose a higher size according to the size of your living room, and choose a neutral color temperature of 4000-5000K, which will neither make the living room seem too dim nor too cold.

Restaurant lighting options:

As a dining area. The lighting of the restaurant is well chosen, which can make the ingredients more attractive and increase the appetite of the family. Therefore, the restaurant can choose a warm color of 3000-4000K, and a light source with high color rendering index can be selected to make the food look better.

Bedroom lighting options:

The bedroom is a place of rest, which has higher requirements for a private and warm atmosphere, and it is necessary to avoid direct lighting as much as possible. Direct lighting has a strong stimulation to the eyes, which is not conducive to rapid sleep. The color temperature can choose 2700K-3000K warm white light, which can achieve lighting conditions and create a warm atmosphere.

Of course, putting some small accompanying reading lights at the bedside is also a very good choice.

Kitchen lighting selection:

The kitchen is a place to wash vegetables, cut vegetables, stir-fry vegetables, in order to prevent the cutting of ingredients can not see clearly, the kitchen lighting requirements for light illuminance is relatively high. Especially in the preparation area, if the top light lighting has a shadow, it is best to install lamps above the preparation area to fill the light. In terms of color temperature, choose a positive white light of about 6000K to better ensure a clear line of sight.

Bathroom lighting options:

The bathroom area is usually not large, and the walls will be tiled, which has a certain reflection effect on the light, and can further improve the brightness of the entire space. Therefore, the light illumination of the bathroom does not need to be too high, the focus is to do a good job of local lighting in the lavatory area, daily washing, makeup, shaving are dependent on the good light here, choose a color temperature of 4000k-5000k bright and soft neutral light, you can make the portrait in the makeup mirror closer to the real self.

These are the places to pay attention to when choosing lighting for each space in the whole house. Of course, there is also a less worrying and labor-saving way to choose lamps for the home, that is, to give professional things to professional people to do.

Raishi Lighting launched the whole house lighting service. We can provide a plan to customize the lighting of our own house, and restore the real application scene through the renderings, so that users can intuitively see the lighting effect after renovation.

In the quality of lighting products, Raishi lighting is more secure. The whole house lighting uses Ra≥95 high color rendering index, RG1 level of low blue light, UGR<9 anti-glare, no visible staph high-quality products, less stimulation to the user's eyes, to create a healthy whole house light environment to lay a solid foundation.

In particular, it is worth mentioning that the professional lighting design team of Raishi lighting can design according to the decoration needs of users, whether it is with the main light or without the main light, it can meet.

In summary, the selection of lamps seems simple, in fact, there are a lot of need to pay attention to the place, if the beginning is not planned, the later want to change is still very troublesome, such as the location of the lamp installation need to reserve the power cord in advance. From the point of view of the whole house, the whole house lighting gives the user an overall design, a one-stop service method, and also eliminates the user's various trivialities, saving worry and effort, and is worth the choice of every friend who pursues the quality of life.

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