Guangzhou Auto Show is about to draw attention to the intelligent trend of Guangzhou automobile

2023-11-13 18:08 0

/PRCWT/Guangzhou, November 13,2023 - The 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, one of the four major auto shows, will kick off on November 17. Under the wave of automobile intelligence, what new technological trends will GAC Group, which has its home field, bring? It's worth watching.

Last year's Guangzhou Auto Show, GAC issued the "trillion GAC 1578 development outline", of which "scientific and technological innovation research and investment" and "independent brand to enhance" are two indispensable actions. From this, we can fully feel that GAC attaches great importance to its own brand intelligence.

In particular, the intelligent pioneer brand Ian, has now become the head brand of new energy vehicles: October sales show that Ian sold a total of 41,500 new cars, a year-on-year increase of 38%, ranking second in the new energy brand.

Taking AION Y, which contributes more than 50% of sales, as an example, the car has built a Halo on-board intelligent interaction scheme based on the Horizon journey chip, integrating active human-computer interaction experience such as intelligent safety reminder, emotion recognition, and intelligent capture, which can bring users a safer, smarter, and more natural human-computer interaction experience. At the same time, the whole series of vehicles is equipped with IBCM full perception interaction system, ADiGO intelligent driving interconnection ecosystem of intelligent driving escort, over-the-horizon summon parking and other functions, which is very in line with the needs of consumers in the current market.

In order to better consolidate the intelligent label and stand out in the second half, Ian and Horizon signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement at the beginning of the year. Based on the Horizon Journey series chips, Ian will focus on the development and application of intelligent driving and cockpit intelligent interaction platforms, create technology-leading intelligent products, and bring users "smarter companionship".

On the other side of Trumpchi, its hot-selling Trumpchi M6, Trumpchi GS4/GS4 PLUS, Trumpchi GS8 and other models also use Horizon Journey series chips.

Gac Group's independent brands all choose Horizon cooperation, in addition to the common domestic brand label, they pay more attention to Horizon's technical strength and mass production experience. Public information shows that as a deep player in the field of advanced intelligent driving chips and a leading intelligent driving computing supplier, Horizon's products cover L2 to L4 full scene intelligent driving, and the shipment of Journey series intelligent driving chips has been nearly 4 million pieces. It is reported that Horizon new generation product journey 6 series will be officially released next year and open mass production delivery. Journey 6 series will be an epoch-making new generation product, meeting the mass production needs of all scenarios from low to high level.

Automobile intelligence has been recognized by the industry as the commanding heights of the new automobile era. Wang Xia, president of the Automotive industry branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said that car companies should have a heart of awe for intelligent technology, just as technology companies should have a heart of awe for cars, "Creating new core technical capabilities will be the top priority in the second half."

Closer and closer to the Guangzhou Auto Show, looking forward to seeing more intelligent landing of independent brands in the GAC booth.

Source: Corporate press release
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