The 2023 Digital Technology Ecological Conference opened in Guangzhou

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/PRCWT/Guangzhou, November 13, 2023 - The "2023 Digital Technology Ecology Conference" co-sponsored by the Guangdong Provincial People's Government and China Telecom opened in Guangzhou on November 10-13. With the theme of "Digital Science and Technology Refresh and Start the Voyage", this conference aims to further implement a series of strategic deployments made by the Party Central Committee and The State Council to accelerate the construction of network power and digital China, give full play to the strength of all parties in the industry, demonstrate new achievements in digital science and technology, open up new space for digital science and technology, build a new ecology of digital science and technology, and set sail for a new future of digital science and technology.

At the conference, a series of scientific and technological innovation achievements such as Tianyi Cloud intelligent computing platform, basic large model, industry large model, quantum computing cloud platform and 5G renewal plan were released, China Telecom mobile payment industry Alliance was established, satellite mobile communication industry development plan was launched, and Tianyi Vision Link Technology Company was inaugurated.

At present, with the acceleration of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the rapid development of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, quantum and other digital technologies has accelerated the digital technology into the era of artificial intelligence, which has brought explosive growth in the demand for computing power, and spawned new scenarios, new forms of business, and new models. In his keynote speech, Mr. Ke Ruiwen, chairman of China Telecom, put forward thoughts on the digital information infrastructure in the era of artificial intelligence, the development law of digital application and open cooperation in three aspects: First, the development of artificial intelligence puts forward higher requirements for cloud network integration, cloud network integration will evolve and upgrade in the direction of intelligence, and cloud network integration will further promote the accelerated development of artificial intelligence. Cloud network integration should assume the responsibility of computing power scheduling in the process of intelligent upgrading, and Tianyi Cloud should carry intelligent applications in the process of upgrading to intelligent cloud. Second, the current digital application is an urgent need for the digital development of economy and society. Facing the unique advantages of China's ultra-large market, it is a good time to promote digital application and serve the digital transformation of economy and society. Third, to promote greater and deeper open cooperation is the only way to promote the development of digital intelligence, which also requires the internal organizational mechanism and process to be comprehensively changed. Based on the above thinking and understanding, China Telecom will seize a new round of strategic opportunities, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and consolidate digital information infrastructure; Accelerate the application of innovation and integration, enabling the digital transformation of economy and society; We will step up opening-up and cooperation to build a win-win ecosystem, and make concerted efforts in scientific and technological innovation, business ecology, personnel exchanges and financial integration to carry out opening-up and cooperation in a wider scope and with greater intensity.

Unleash the surging innovation momentum and explore the future of science and technology and industry

Scientific and technological revolution is a multiplier and engine for economic growth. At the same time, every technological revolution will create new industries and new forms of business.

Shao Guanglu, general manager of China Telecom, said that in the era of artificial intelligence, China Telecom actively explores the integration of "cloud network intelligence" technology, and provides services for the intelligent upgrading of society with the model of "network + cloud computing +AI+ application". This year, China Telecom will further strengthen scientific and technological innovation, comprehensively layout strategic emerging businesses, and promote the digital transformation of the whole society. At the meeting, China Telecom released a number of key achievements:

Result 1: Release of Tianyi Cloud intelligent computing platform. In order to comply with the new requirements for cloud service providers in the era of large models, Tianyi Cloud has comprehensively upgraded and built full-stack large model intelligent computing services, including creating intelligent computing data center AIDC, upgrading the integrated infrastructure platform of cloud intelligence and super "Cloud Snap", launching a one-stop intelligent computing service platform" Huihui ", building a national cloud large model ecology, and forming an intelligent computing service system integrating cloud intelligence. Based on the new infrastructure service platform "Yunxiao" and intelligent computing service platform "Huiju", Tianyi Cloud has provided a variety of ecological model support for large model developers, large model providers, application manufacturers, government and scientific research institutions, industry associations and other partners.

Result 2: Release of basic large model. The semantic large model of Star 100 billion parameters focuses on solving the problems of illusion, extrapolation window and multiple rounds of logical reasoning faced by the semantic model of 10 billion parameters in the process of commercialization. The multi-modal large model launched this time mainly focuses on improving the ability of graphic generation and graphic understanding, training more than 1.2 billion data of various styles, supporting nearly 20 painting styles, Chinese image understanding and generation ability increased by 30%, and semantic fine-grained generation effect increased by 25%. In terms of data, China Telecom has completed the accumulation of over 500TB text data, 1.2 billion graphic data, and 2PB video data collected every day, and continues to expand cooperative public data and industry high-quality data, and is the first operator to join China's large model corpus data alliance. In Hainan, China Telecom, as the exclusive operator, has assisted the municipal government to build a "data supermarket product", which has contributed to the aggregation of 200 billion data resources and operated more than 500 million transaction projects.

Result 3: Release of industry model. Based on the current large model market demand heat, the digital development process of various industries, and the maturity of large model technology on the application side, China Telecom released the first batch of 12 industrial large models for commercial trial, and launched the "Star MaaS ecological service platform" to provide three kinds of large model one-stop services for different customers, including exclusive customized version, general industry version and customer self-training version. In the country launched the "intelligent computing power car", using the "basic computing power + lightweight version of Tianyi cloud Snapplatform + special power vehicle" model, to meet the provisions of some customer data security management, has completed customized training for customers in Xiongan New Area. In addition, on the basis of in-depth technical research and industry insight, the White Paper on China's Telecom Industry Large-scale Model Technology was released.

Result 4: Release of quantum computing cloud platform. The "Tianyan" quantum computing cloud platform realizes the fusion of the "Tianyiyun" supercomputing power and 176 superconducting qubit computing power, and is an oversize fusion cloud platform with the ability of "quantum superiority". Based on the overcapacity hybrid cloud architecture, the cloud platform provides core capabilities such as quantum cloud operating system, quantum computing compilation, quantum computing simulation, and graphical programming, and realizes the hybrid scheduling of supercomputing and quantum computing on the cloud, which will accelerate the quantum computing to help quantum chemistry research, new drug and new material development, energy and weather simulation and other scenarios, and accelerate the practical application of quantum computing.

China Telecom also released the 5G refresh plan, the 5G new logo, replacing "Hello" with "V", reflecting the vision of China Telecom from acquaintance with peers to value empowerment. Among them, the "V" stands for Vitality, Velocity, Vision, and more importantly, creating Value with science and technology to empower the achievement of the future. With the renewal of the 5G brand, China Telecom has launched a series of new 5G applications, including new communication, new connection, new computing power, new intelligence, new security and new vision, which will further enhance communication and connectivity, improve computing power and security capabilities, achieve AI intelligence and visual perception innovation, and meet more expectations of customers.

In addition to the main forum, the conference will also organize 16 sub-forums during the period of 9 to 12, focusing on scientific and technological innovation, industrial digitalization, visual connection technology, artificial intelligence, satellite communication, smart operation, green development and other topics, inviting experts, scholars, industry leaders, institutional associations to gather together to discuss the new future of digital technology development.

During the same period of the conference, China Telecom also held 2023 Digital Science and Technology Ecological Exhibition together with partners, showing the latest achievements of China Telecom and various ecological partners in cloud network integration basic capabilities, digital new consumption, industrial digitalization, intelligent electronics, artificial intelligence large model and other aspects in a full range of 60,000 square meters.

The tide is stirring, pursuing the dream. China Telecom will work hand in hand with industrial partners to continue to promote the construction of digital information infrastructure, continuously strengthen the joint innovation of industrial ecology, accelerate the promotion of economic and social intelligence, actively enable the high-quality development of the digital economy, and make new and greater contributions to the efficient circulation and use of data, the integrated development of the digital economy and the real economy, and the better life of the people.

Source: Corporate press release
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