Pulin Chengshan 2023 SEMA show lineup exposed the new four seasons tire debut

2023-11-02 14:56 0

/PRCWT/The 2023 Las Vegas International Modified Car SHOW (hereinafter referred to as "SEMA SHOW") will be held from October 31 to November 3 at the Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center. Urayashi Chengshan recently announced the product matrix of the upcoming SEMA SHOW in the United States. As the world's leading tire manufacturer, the SEMA SHOW will continue to bring a wide variety of products and excellent performance to global users, its innovative 4S product will be the first show, in addition to the refreshed brand will also land in North America for the first time, to bring users surprises. Companies will also focus on the forefront and carry out global exchanges and dialogues on the development trend of modified vehicle special tires.

Known as the three major international modified auto SHOW, SEMA SHOW has always played an important role in the world's major auto parts shows with a high degree of specialization, and is the most anticipated annual event for modified car fans around the world, attracting hundreds of thousands of owners and professionals to visit every year. According to the official news, the exhibition has more than 2,000 new products on display, attracting 150,000 + professional buyers from more than 100 countries around the world.

As the highlight of this exhibition, the passenger 4S four season tire series products created by Pulin Chengshan will debut, and on-site guests will have the opportunity to understand its innovative formula and design up close.

Judging from the other product matrix that has been announced, it can be described as "sportsmanship". The passenger products of the two brands, Prinx and Fortune, cover a full range of SUV and off-road vehicle tire products and high-end sports tire products such as HT, AT, RT and MT, which are fully in line with the theme of SEMA and the diversified needs of passenger car owners in North America. On the commercial side, a number of high-performance products, including FDH106, FAM211 and other products, will also be exhibited.

In May this year, the refreshed Pulin Chengshan's high-end brand, Prinx, held a press conference in Milan, Italy, entering the European market, and gained wide recognition with its excellent product power and quality service. The new Prinx will also have the first intimate interaction with North American users, further enhancing its cutting-edge concept and outstanding advantages.

Another participating brand, Fortune, has achieved good results in the North American market, and its brand influence continues to improve. Since entering the United States in 2019, Pulin Chengshan has deeply cultivated the local market and continued to improve the localized product and service network. In order to better meet market demand, in 2022, the company has systematically refreshed the brand and product matrix of Fushen Tire, focused more on brand and product positioning, and upheld the concept of "Driving Forward(surging in the heart, brave self-improvement)" to provide users with safe, high-quality and high-performance travel tire solutions. Years of accumulated user reputation and a high degree of cultural fit, so that Fushen tire is growing into a well-known brand by the North American people. This year, Fortune became the tire sponsor of USA Pickleball, a Pickleball sports league, working with participants and drivers across the United States to explore active, uplifting and sustainable lifestyles.

It is believed that the "family portrait" of the two powerful brands and products of Pu Lin (Prinx) and Fortune will present the strength and charm of China's new tire manufacturing to more users around the world.

Source: Corporate press release
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