NetEase Cloud music Wei Yuan: Integration of innovative technology and media resources into the core of local culture into music creation

2023-10-31 11:38 0

/PRCWT/Wuhan, October 31, 2023 -- Recently, the 2023 Media Integration Development Forum, co-sponsored by the People's Daily and the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal government, was held in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The theme of the forum was "New journey, New Mission, New pattern and new actions". The leaders of the relevant ministries and commissions of the central and state organs, the leaders of the central and local media, experts and scholars More than 500 business representatives attended the meeting. Wei Yuan, vice president of copyright development Department of NetEase Cloud Music, delivered a keynote speech entitled "How to tell the story of Chinese music in the era of financial media", sharing the exploration and practice of NetEase Cloud Music in music production and communication.

On the evening of October 26, the Intelligent Finance future AI achievements exhibition "AI Night", NetEase Cloud Music's first virtual singer label WOWAIDO! Virtual singer Chen Shuiruo brought a wonderful national style theme AI song and dance performance, showing the charm of the integration of science and technology and humanities. As NetEase cloud music and Xiaoice to create a virtual brand WAWAIDO! One of the first 12 members, her appearance, voice, and skills are all generated by AI. At the party, Chen Shuiruo brought a national theme scene program "Wind and snow", three sets of national style accompanied by classical artifacts and melodious melody, ultra-high completion of the performance to achieve the effect of fake and real, highly close to the real person. This is an attempt of AI technology and traditional culture and art innovation, so that artistic creation in the tide of The Times full of new vitality and vitality.

It is reported that the "Wind and Snow" program and song audio have been online NetEase cloud music client and major official accounts. WOWAIDO! The first batch of 12 members have all launched NetEase Cloud Music ·X Studio to explore a new era of human-machine music works together with NetEase musicians. Users can log in to NetEase cloud Music search "X Studio" to experience the voice charm of virtual singers.

Wei Yuan believes that the communication of music culture has undergone unprecedented changes in the era of financial media, and the current communication of music culture should pay more attention to the quality of content, international influence, spiritual connotation and other requirements. She further pointed out that the dissemination of music culture should make full use of new media resources technology and means, integrate the core of local culture into music creation, and tell the story of Chinese music.

At present, new media forms and new technologies such as AI have been increasingly integrated into content creation. Wei Yuan pointed out that AI can not completely replace real people for content innovation at present, the role of AI is to lower the threshold of creation, assist creation, and the core of content production is human creativity. Therefore, in terms of content innovation, NetEase Cloud Music continues to inject a steady stream of new forces into the music industry with a series of initiatives to explore and support outstanding local original musicians. Through special programs and traffic support, such as Near-Earth Radio and Urban Cloud Tour Guide, musicians are helped to better display their own styles and characteristics, so that users can use music as a medium to connect people and urban cultural scenes, and feel the music charm of different regions.

Under the trend of new technologies and new media, NetEase Cloud Music helps musicians lower the threshold of creation and improve creative efficiency through technological innovations such as AI. Since 2018, NetEase Cloud Music has invested in the research of the combination of music and artificial intelligence and other new technologies, and has achieved many industry-leading results in AI arrangement, lyricism, composition, singing, and intelligent recommendation. The platform has launched a series of music creation efficiency AIDS, actively exploring the application of cutting-edge technologies in the music field, covering the entire creative process of musicians, such as inspiration charging station, BEATSOUL Spirit, Netyi Tianyin, NetEase Cloud Music ·X Studio, etc. In this year, NetEase Cloud Music also cooperated with Xiaoice, a leading AI company in China, to launch 12 unique AI singer voices, helping the majority of producers and songwriters to quickly match the sound of their works and create better works.

It is reported that NetEase Cloud Music ·X Studio is an AI singer music creation tool for the majority of music lovers, with many virtual singers of Xiaoice family built in, providing convenient and effective music creation assistance services for musicians and music lovers. Through NetEase Cloud Music ·X Studio, musicians only need to input music scores and lyrics, and AI singers can sing in seconds. Wei Yuan believes that AI creation assistance products and services can lower the threshold of music production, help musicians create at a lower cost, and explore multi-channel, new forms of copyright income.

Source: Corporate press release
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