Steaming and baking independent integrated stove selling five years ago, Etian category innovation and add a new army

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/PRCWT/ Beijing, September 18——Since 2019, the development of the category has opened, and after five years, the steamed and roasted independent integrated stove has realized the leap from 0 to the second largest subcategory of the integrated stove. As the pioneer of the category, Etian has created the industry miracle of "every 10 sets of steamed and baked independent integrated stove sold, 7 sets are from Etian".

Five years have passed, while the position of "category hegemon" on the steam and bake independent integrated stove subdivision track has been further stabilized, the growth effect of brand performance driven by super single products has also become more prominent.

Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen mentioned in the book "The Innovator's Dilemma" that disruptive innovation can help enterprises develop rapidly and may overturn the existing market pattern.

Focusing on the field of integrated stoves, in 2003, the first integrated stove was born, bringing more integrated and more convenient solutions for kitchen cooking. In 2019, Etian broke the barrier of the steam and roast integrated oven cavity body, took the lead in launching the steam and roast independent integrated oven, creating a new integrated oven category, bringing subversive changes to the efficient cooking of Chinese families, and promoting the industry from the steam and roast one single cavity to the steam and roast independent double cavity era.

Under the guidance of Etian, steaming and baking independent integrated stove has become the second largest subcategory of integrated stove. Owei cloud network data show that in the first half of 2023, the share of the online market steaming and baking independent integrated oven continued to rise, reaching 21%. It can be said that it is the subversive innovation of Etian that has promoted the establishment and outbreak of the sub-category of steaming and baking independent integrated stove.

With one's own power to create an independent steam and bake integrated stove, from scratch, all the way to gallop, Etian is not only a pioneer, but also a leader. In the steaming and baking independent integrated stove subdivision circuit, Etian continues to lead the market with 70% market share. "For every 10 sets of steamed and baked independent integrated stoves sold, 7 are from Etian", which has become a market consensus.

Behind this, it comes from the continuous "new" of Etian with technological innovation as the base.

After the release of the first steaming and baking independent integrated stove S8, Etian has a keen insight into user needs for continuous innovation, and has successively launched S8G, S8E, S8C, S8S, S8A, S8M, S8IP, etc., forming a product matrix covering multiple price segments of steaming and baking independent integrated stove. Matrix explosive products to form consumer cognitive category force, occupy category long tail effect, to achieve long-term brand growth ability.

02 On the integration, explore the stars of the Chinese kitchen sea in the scene to experience the new consumption era, and the wave of kitchen integration is getting stronger and stronger. In this context, in addition to explosive products, Etian is exploring the sea of stars in the Chinese kitchen in the name of integrated technology.

On the one hand, under the brand concept of "Itian Integrated Technology, better understand Chinese kitchen", Itian relies on 20 years of profound accumulation, under the changing consumer market and rapidly iterated consumer demand, and continues to explore the infinite possibilities of kitchen ecology with leading integrated technology.

Recently, during the national joint activity of "the fifth anniversary of the bestselling of Etian Steamed and baked independent integrated stove in China", Etian in addition to the creation of the S8 series of steamed and baked independent integrated stove products, inherited its steamed and baked independent integrated stove explosive product gene, adapted to the new generation of smart cooking needs in the digital era to carry out product iterations and upgrades, and released a new cosmic series C6DL steamed and baked independent integrated stove.

C6DL is the first member named "Meta Universe" in the Etian Steamed and baked independent integrated stove product family, focusing on the concept of "Yuan force intelligent control, silky cooking", aiming to be "smart kitchen electricity for young families". At the same time, we are committed to standing at the forefront of The Times with innovative technology to build a new ecology of smart cooking in the metacosmic era for Chinese families.

In terms of appearance design, continuing the highly recognizable design voice that has always been used by Eida, the C6DL uses a floating smart knob with a cool UI to inject a cool technological sense into the product. At the same time, the ultra-thin head design breaks the traditional sense of kitchen power, naturally integrates space aesthetics with innovative technology, and brings a new experience of kitchen aesthetics.

In terms of intelligent control, as the first meta-universe concept integrated stove, the C6DL breaks the single control form of the integrated stove such as buttons, voice, and screen, and innovates with the original O Center Yuanforce cooking center and rotary touch dual control system, combining the knob and the large screen into one. The innovative rotary touch dual-screen dual-control interactive upgrade realizes the "meta force" control of the overall situation between the wave and opens a new era of the metauniverse of smart cooking in Chinese kitchens.

On the other hand, while breaking through the big single product in a single point, in the kitchen scene circuit, Etian continues to broaden the boundary, a new kitchen solution composed of a "steaming and baking independent integrated stove" + a "integrated sink dishwasher" - Etian Integrated Cooking and washing center, to build a kitchen full scene ecological solution.


From the pioneer to the leader of the steam and bake independent integrated stove category, Etian has opened the door of the era of integrated stove double cavity with its own strength. Today, standing at the forefront of the meta-universe era, Etian once again ventured into no man's land, bringing the meta-universe series C6DL independent integrated oven blockbuster new products, opening a new era of Chinese kitchen smart cooking meta-universe.

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