The first subscription version is released! Foxit PDF product force re-evolution

2023-09-18 11:21 0

/PRCWT/ Guangzhou, September 18——On September 15, Foxit Software ushered in the 13th major version upgrade of Foxit PDF electronic document processing Suite (hereinafter referred to as "Foxit Advanced PDF Editor"), and released the subscription version of Foxit Advanced PDF editor for Windows & Mac, the corresponding version number is 2023.2.

2023 is the first full year of deep transformation period of Foxit's dual transformation strategy with "subscription first" and "channel first" as the core. Under the guidance of the company's strategy, the newly upgraded Foxit Advanced PDF editor launched a subscription version for the first time, supporting the annual fee payment method to meet the differentiated needs of users. It is worth noting that Foxit Advanced PDF editor subscription version of the function update speed, plans to carry out 4 iterations of the upgrade every year, more in-depth practice of "help knowledge workers in the processing of documents to improve productivity" of the enterprise mission.

Adhering to the principle of customer and market drive, the newly launched Foxit advanced PDF editor for Windows & Mac 2023.2 takes a big step forward in intelligent and personalized document processing, focusing on upgrading and strengthening six functions

Implement OFD and PDF document format interconversion. This function directly meets the needs of current user groups in the government, banking, and education industries, supporting the conversion of OFD documents into more widely used PDF documents to be compatible with different devices, or the conversion of PDF documents into OFD format to meet policy requirements, and better meet the cross-platform collaboration and sharing of documents.

Enhanced bookmarking capabilities. Text content can be automatically created as a bookmark by setting a text style or search string and by setting the properties of the bookmark; Support by deleting the bookmark section, delete the subbookmark and all the associated pages under the bookmark, to achieve quick document sorting;

Support page splitting. A single page can be divided into multiple pages, which is convenient for the orderly arrangement of books, brochures, papers and other documents, to meet the needs of positive order reading documents.

Strengthen the signature capability. Supports handwritten signatures in custom fonts and colors, while digital signatures can be added to multiple document pages in bulk to facilitate the review process.

Supports text recognition in any region. OCR recognition can be performed on the selected area of the PDF document page to achieve a more refined document editing experience.

Support PDF/UA standard check. A large number of documents can be processed in batches into PDF/UA-1 accessible PDF standard documents, so that PDF documents can be parsed and rendered by screen readers and other assistive technologies. This function responds to the national Law on the Construction of Barrier-free Environment, dedicates itself to the construction of information barrier-free, and helps the disabled to obtain information barrier-free;

In addition, the new subscription version of Foxit advanced PDF editor is also optimized and upgraded on the visual framework, providing skin customization services, allowing users to set any color on the program skin according to their preferences, and strengthening the title bar at the top of the window, optimizing the location of search boxes, file names and other display items, creating a more intuitive UI interface.

The release of Foxit's advanced PDF editor subscription version has promoted the evolution of formatted office from tools to services, and further accelerated Foxit's subscription transformation strategy. Next, Foxit Software will continue to focus on technological innovation, continue to promote agile development and rapid iterative R & D model, and improve user experience and payment conversion rate with higher product flexibility.

Source: Corporate press release
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