The Trumpchi E8 is really unusual when it comes to building cars by home standards

2023-09-15 13:52 0

/PRCWT/ Beijing, September 15——Based on the in-depth insight of Chinese family users, GAC Trumpchi has created a new home MPV - Trumpchi E8, bringing a mobile floor design interpretation, responding to the expectations of Chinese families for a better life and love, with a flexible compartment space, full of happiness.

Starting from the home that carries family happiness, Trumpchi E8 takes the large floor as the design idea to create the "mobile living room" of Chinese families, and makes MPV inhabitable, breaking through the pursuit of simple function, and turning to meet the internal emotional needs of Chinese families. Echo the love of the family, bring more pleasant travel life for the whole family.

Move the large level to accommodate family life more possible

Entering Trumpchi E8, the first feeling is "tolerant", which is also where Trumpchi E8 understands "home". Mobile living, the trend of large rooms, so Trumpchi E8 expanded to a larger than the same level of 5.20 square meters of available suite area, giving the family more freedom and stretch space, like a larger family joy field. Even if the whole family sets out to camp, the barbecue grill, coffee machine, wave pool and other equipment can also be indispensable, so that the family can live a comfortable life in the field.

Variable space, lenient to every family member

In the name of "home", it can accommodate more possibilities of family life, and cater to hundreds of living modes of family life with flexible seating modes. Adjust the front and back seats, linkage, you can "change" the exclusive "home". After busy, the first row of seats and the second row of seats are put together to form a flat "single bed", which can isolate the disturbance of life, enjoy the rest time, and meet the imagination of a better life for the family.

Warm home, accompany the family to enjoy the time together

Nowadays, it is often said, "The whole family must be neat." Trumpchi E8 starts from each ta feeling, and builds a larger floor space than the same level model, which is a "happy home" for the whole family. From the interior map to see the Pchi E8, giving people a feeling of being in the "living room" of life, not only the layout is flat and spacious, but also the blessing of 12 Windows makes the light, vision and space in the car more transparent, just like entering the parallel space-time of home, perceiving changes in the scenery around the body in a wide field of view, sharing a happy time.

Trumpchi E8 in the family users travel scenarios and car needs of extremely delicate details, is undoubtedly GAC Trumpchi after years of rooted in the MPV market, the latest interpretation of the current ultimate travel experience. On the whole, the significance of Trumpchi E8 is not limited to the product itself, but represents the upgrade of Trumpchi car building concept, taking Chinese family culture as the entry point, focusing on the care of every member, and the diversified expansion of a better life, I believe Trumpchi E8 can accompany family users to enjoy more new experiences.

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