Yan universe and trend art collision, technology and aesthetics blend, beauty camera launched virtual clothes

2022-12-27 15:11 0

/ Daily News/Guangzhou, December 27, 2022 -- When the universe collides with the art of trends, when science and technology blend with aesthetics, what unexpected sparks will be produced? Recently, the fashion selfie App beauty camera once again broke through innovation, and with famous designers and well-known IP dream linkage, launched seven virtual clothes in the universe. Compared with the virtual clothes on the market, beauty camera universe virtual clothes have two major characteristics of "free" and "real-time preview". You only need a mobile phone to experience all kinds of interesting virtual modeling, unlock the novel image experience fun.

Full of technology and vigorous beauty camera Yan Universe virtual clothes also attracted Liu Meihan, Chen Zihan, Liu Guanlin, Fan Shuaiqi and other stars have punched the card, released their own Yan Universe virtual makeup on the social platform, full of fun and futuristic sense.

Virtual clothes heavy online, real-time drag unlock science and technology sense modeling

Relying on advanced image technology, Beauty camera design launched "Christmas swing suit", "New Year's balloon", "cloud pondy skirt", "butterfly wings", "crystal angel", "jelly rabbit", "Teletubbies" a total of seven virtual clothes - some will have the festive atmosphere of Christmas and New Year's elements into it; Some are simple and advanced for everyday scenarios; Some are full of design sense, in every detail hidden mystery; There are playful cute, trigger childhood memories kill. Seven styles have their own characteristics, fully meet the diversified personalized needs of users.

Among the seven virtual clothes, five of them come from the independent design of beauty camera, which is devoted to the infinite sincerity and full intentions of users. "Christmas Swing Suit" and "New Year's Eve Balloon" virtual clothes provide users with super cute Christmas tree suit and New Year's Eve balloon dress, with classic accessories and popular colors woven into the whimsical holiday dreams; "Cloud puff dress" virtual clothes choose to combine the romantic dark pink with the unique mood of the story of the bubble clouds, to create a wonderful fairy tale world; "Butterfly wings" and "Crystal angel" virtual clothes choose to embellish dreams with highly textured wings, bringing the user into the universe of falling angels and fairies fairies.

In addition, Beauty Camera has also been licensed to the Teletubbies IP, and with the cartoon character of the Teletubbies as the design inspiration, jointly launched the "Teletubbies" virtual clothes. Not only can the pink tutu with the same style of Teletubbies stimulate users' innermost childhood memories, but also can use the healing power of MOE IP to relieve users' real troubles and pressures, so that they can feel warm companionship in the process of experiencing digital clothes. At this time, the brand emotional value of beauty camera is also fully demonstrated.

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With the hard strength of science and technology to gather new power for brand development, beauty camera constantly breaks through itself to provide users with a variety of video play at the same time, but also to see the needs of users in the real place. Therefore, even for the cutting-edge black technology content such as virtual clothes in the digital age, beauty camera also thinks and polish the details, and is committed to lowering the threshold of user experience and improving the efficiency of user beauty to the greatest extent.

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