Help you play KOC promotion

To provide mass quality grass promotion KOC grass services, to provide a full range of brand
Propagating media and strategies for grass cultivation;

Two promotion methods, access to mass exposure

Two promotion ways to help the brand all-round communication

  • Grass planting

    Through the ordinary people grass, the spread of talent for brand word-of-mouth communication

    1. Ordinary people grow grass

      Ordinary people with 1K-1w fans will experience the product, and release it in the form of text, text and video

    2. Diffusion of talent

      People with more than 1w fans spread and promote product experience

  • Note ranking

    Obtain accurate search traffic through note keyword ranking

    1. fast

      Through note optimization, quickly optimize notes to the top keywords

    2. precision

      Keyword search, fast lock accurate demand high conversion rate

Five communication strategies, playing grass promotion mechanism

Network celebrity linkage screen marketing, mass network celebrity high-quality dry goods content for the brand to create a "phenomenon level brush screen"


01 02 03 04 05 Topic Hype Interaction Recommend Purchase

Construct topic based on big data analysis, target population portrait and data of peer competitive product words.

From a net celebrity to dozens of net celebrities together Anli, attracting various Kols to form a unique UGC atmosphere.

Synchronous launch of fan interaction activities, with the power of fans to generate viral fission.

Master the grass promotion platform content recommendation mechanism, the combination of internal and external means, so that the effect is immediate.

Planting grass promotion notes/videos soft implant product purchase link, improve the purchase rate.

Five selection process, only quality account

Przwt creates funnel screening mode, selects 100+ quality accounts, rejects "zombie account"

  • Kill the Zombie

    Poor activity, poor effect immediately shield, never use

    1. 感情旳空白

    2. 爱的故事love

    3. 剑心龙吟

    1. 亚娜Nina

    2. 迟眠的迪迪

    3. echot7

    1. 爱吃橘子的旅行

    2. SuperXc

    3. 七七六776

  • Media Library

    Select a large number of high-quality accounts, the effect of rapid improvement

    1. 阿菲同学sunny

    2. Bigrain大雨

    3. 在清华的Eve

    1. 小宇宙8989

    2. HiyaSonya

    3. 佑佑卡哇伊

    1. Laucaycin

    2. 安安anki

    3. 在清华的Eve

8 content optimization, improve note exposure

8 content optimization, improve note exposure

  • Serial number
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
    5. 5
    6. 6
    7. 7
    8. 8
  • event
    1. title
    2. cover
    3. picture
    4. content
    5. Key words
    6. topic
    7. comment
    8. other
  • Our way
    1. Highlight the topic/hit the pain point/indicate user benefits
    2. Keep the blogger's consistent style/theme clear and prominent/beautiful eye-catching
    3. Clear and beautiful/show the use of the scene/blogger appearance
    4. Bloggers share real feelings after experiencing the product/express life/start from the interests of users/highlight the core advantages of the product
    5. Diversified combinations/appropriate implantation location/reasonable implantation frequency
    6. Topic matching appropriate/guide participation in the interaction
    7. Prompt reply/serious attitude/reasonable guidance
    8. Focus on compliance with platform specifications/guarantee inclusion
  • The wrong way
    1. Overdramatize/overadvertise/downsize for attention
    2. Make sure the font is cluttered/undistinguished/hard to read
    3. Fuzzy and rough/less than 4 sheets/lack of reality
    4. Unreal sharing, false content/hard advertising/too many typos/too much listing of product selling points and lack of focus
    5. No promotion strategy
    6. Lack of topic strategy/topic mismatch
    7. Slow recovery/random recovery/excessive drainage
    8. Restricted/not included/brushed data

Promotion case

100,000 + the common choice of first-line brands

  • Promotion profile

    Westtree Puff is the leading brand of puff, with more than 400 chain stores nationwide. To further drive store sales. Three quarters centralized promotion grass promotion thousand powder koc 180, hundred powder koc 180, Weibo one hundred thousand powder master 150. Real experience after the original text notes. Precise planting of grass for the target population of puff.

  • Promotion effect

    Covering 1500w+ fans, note exposure of 200w+, interaction of 11W+ (likes, Tibetcomments), among which the output of a number of explosive articles, far beyond the expected effect

Client Stories

Dongpeng special Drink

Over the years, Dongpeng Special Drink has told our stories to the domestic media and audiences through the platform of Zhaomitong, so that the domestic audiences have a wide understanding of our corporate dynamics. Dongpeng Special Beverage is a young enterprise, the future is still exploring more possibilities. Thanks for the rapid response and accurate service of the Asomtek team. We look forward to a more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation between the two sides in the future.

—— Dongpeng special Drink

As an international dairy company with global sales. According to the needs of the operator, Zhaowen continues to provide relevant Kols, models, artists and other users who meet the requirements to insert advertisements in the video for brand communication.At the same time responsible for the implementation of the talent and details.

—— Ausnutria
Siamese royal latex

Provide model real trial experience for Siamese royal latex, household and living products. Through its vast resource base, Zhawen has provided clients with more than 500 models of all types that meet their requirements. At the same time, we communicate with models to obtain the right to use portraits, so as to provide guarantee for customers to use materials in series marketing.

—— Siamese royal latex