Zhaowen: advertorial marketing model innovation leader

2022-06-27 09:39 0

In early March 2010, a 2010 Survey Report on the Survival of Small and medium-sized Enterprises in China, covering more than 3,500 enterprises in nearly 30 provinces and dozens of industries, showed that faced with the adverse environment brought by the financial crisis, the biggest problem faced by 51.8% of small and medium-sized enterprises is "lack of customer resources". 42.5% of the enterprises "promotion is difficult to effectively reach the target customers", while 33.4% of the enterprises think that "promotion costs increase". It's a measure of a hot topic in the marketing world as the recession hits: whether companies should cut back or keep spending. While research by experts seems to have answered the question -- companies that maintain marketing spending during recessions tend to grow more when they are over -- the real challenge for most companies is not how to answer the question, but where to put marketing spending to make an immediate return on demand. Drive the continuous growth of enterprises.

According to the report, online marketing platforms, represented by Aswantong-Internet Marketing Communication Agency (www.przwt.com), have become the most valuable online platforms for advertising delivery compared with traditional marketing due to their obvious advantages in cost performance, measurable effect, pertinence, controllability and consumer interaction. According to JP Morgan, the click-through rate for traditional display ads was just 1% in 2008, compared with 28.3% for advertorials. More importantly, advertorials generate far higher conversion rates than other online ads due to the active participation of consumers.

Fast effect, low cost and controllability, which is almost impossible for small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve under the traditional marketing requirements, has become a reality on the news marketing platform. According to the 2010 Survey Report on the Survival of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China, it is because of the deep recognition of the value of news marketing that advertorial marketing has become the most recognized and dependent promotion method for small and medium-sized enterprises. Among the enterprises that have carried out news marketing, 91% plan to increase or maintain their investment in this way of marketing, and the proportion of enterprises that increase their investment is as high as 51.5%, which is much higher than the level of investment in other ways of promotion. Even among the enterprises greatly affected by the financial crisis, there are still 81.7% of enterprises choose to continue to maintain or increase investment in advertorials marketing, which further reflects the strong vitality of news marketing and the promoting role of enterprise development. The increase of investment is mainly due to the "cost-effective, accurate and effective, quantified evaluation and continuous optimization of advertorials promotion".