Education and training media publishing resources table

Educational media refers to the media that carry and transmit educational information in the course of education. Its performance, characteristic and use method have great influence on the efficiency of education. With the development and enrichment of science and technology, teachers can use a variety of media to convey educational information, and students can obtain a wider range of learning experience through a wide range of channels. According to different classification methods can be divided into: traditional media, one-way media and two-way media; Classroom teaching media and distance teaching media; Auditory media, visual media, tactile media and audiovisual media; Real media, analog media and symbolic media. [1

Educational media is the material carrier and tool to carry and transmit educational information in the course of education.

Educational media can be divided into traditional educational media and modern educational media.

Traditional educational media refers to textbooks, blackboards, physical specimen models, newspapers, books, charts, photos, wall charts, etc. Modern educational media is electronic technology media, it is composed of two parts: one is hardware, one is software. Hardware refers to all kinds of teaching machines, such as slide projectors, projectors, tape recorders, film machines, video recorders, television sets, computers, etc. Software means recorded slides, slide films, audio tapes, video films, video tapes, computer courseware, etc., containing educational information.