Sports media publishing resource list

Sports media refers to the news media specializing in sports activities. In a narrow sense, they refer to professional sports news media, such as sports newspaper, sports magazine, sports TV, sports radio, sports Internet, sports mobile phone, etc. In a broad sense, apart from professional sports news media, sports media also includes sports pages or sections in general news media.

At the present stage of the development and prosperity of sports, sports media has not formed an independent and complete system. To deal with the relationship between sports media has far-reaching positive influence on the development of sports media.

Media has the special function of creating characters in the eyes of the audience, which is known as the "status conferment" function of mass media in communication science, which means that mass media can grant status to individuals, groups, social issues and social movements, so that they become the focus of public attention and worshiping idols within a certain period of time, namely star effect. Sports culture communication is no exception. The relationship between the three media is now in addition to the so-called time-competing relationship, other cooperation and mutual supervision have not been presented. Hao Qin once raised such a question, the media supervise the society, then who will supervise the media? This is a major defect of Chinese media. It is impossible for us to establish an organization to supervise the media, because the media itself is a supervisory organization, and repeated supervision will also bring many problems.