Maternal and child care media release resource table

Maternal and infant media focuses on providing comprehensive service media for maternal and infant enterprises, providing maternal and infant information, infant information, pregnant mothers, newborn babies and growing babies and other information; It has nearly 100 professional columns with rich, comprehensive and authoritative contents, covering all aspects of maternal and child health and parenting communication, providing comprehensive parenting knowledge and interactive products from pregnancy preparation to the age of six.

Pass on the latest scientific parenting concept, to help children walk healthy growth every day. The period from 2012 to 2022 will be a decade of rapid growth in the number of newborns. With the improvement of social consumption level, the market of maternal and child products will become the most potential and valuable field.

Mother and child media for mothers to do a good job of pregnancy preparation knowledge, parenting knowledge, health knowledge, postpartum knowledge, health and beauty knowledge. To provide comprehensive and practical reference information for parents' parenting life.