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Health information mainly includes: to provide the most professional and perfect health information services, including disease, health care, health news, expert consultation, patient forum, male, gynecology, parenting, sex, psychology, plastic surgery, weight loss, drugs, first aid, traditional Chinese medicine, beauty, diet, fitness, hospital inquiry, doctor inquiry, disease inquiry, drug inquiry, laboratory physical examination, disease self-test and so on.

Health standard

According to the World Health Organization, fast eating: having a good appetite when you eat, and being able to finish a meal quickly without fussing about food, is evidence that the internal organs are functioning properly. Fast: once there is a sense of convenience, can quickly excrete urine and feces, and feel relaxed and free, in the spirit of a good feeling, indicating that gastrointestinal function is good. Sleep fast: Go to bed can quickly sleep, and sleep deep, wake up full of spirit, sober mind. Speak fast: Speak correctly and fluently. It indicates that the mind is clear, the mind is quick, the middle qi is sufficient, and the heart and lung function is normal. Walk fast: Move freely and change quickly. Prove energetic and vigorous. Good personality: gentle character, strong will, rich feelings, with a magnanimous mind and philosophical state of mind. Good social ability: look at the objective reality, have self-control ability, adapt to the complex social environment, can always keep a good mood to the changes of things, can maintain the balance between the external environment and the internal environment. Good interpersonal relations: people can be generous and kind, not too much care about, can help people happy, with people. Moderate exercise: Exercise can change the chemical composition of the blood, which is beneficial to prevent arteriosclerosis, protect the blood and maintain the health of the cardiovascular system. Often participate in endurance based sports, such as running, ball games, mountaineering, etc. Mental health is important.

There are different types of health websites in practical application: professional information, portal, consultation and comprehensive health websites. With the gradual establishment of hospital websites all over the country, hospital portals are also rising among health websites. There is a doctor-patient communication platform on the Internet, which facilitates the direct dialogue between doctors and patients.