Network public opinion monitoring case - ZTE soft creation

WOM public opinion monitoring system is a company based on Internet search and big data application, public opinion monitoring and analysis, and has carried out effective product development and services. The main products and services include data analysis reports under the big data industry chain, WOM network public opinion monitoring services, etc.

WOM public opinion monitoring system uses distributed cloud computing search platform, adopts inverted zipper mode, developed public opinion monitoring system supports efficient search of massive information base and vertical crawl of various news blogs and other websites; Using natural language analysis and processing technology and its own algorithm of web page structure analysis, accurate analysis and judgment of the captured data, so as to provide accurate and effective Internet public opinion data services for government and enterprise customers.

It is based on natural language understanding technology (including beyond keyword recognition technology, anti-monitoring technology, etc.), organizes content according to the topic, automatically analyzes and classifies a lot of content, and dynamically displays, tracks and evaluates its development trend, and timely combines with the website database. Monitor and give early warning to the discussion or hot events of relevant enterprises and governments, related websites, microblogs, forums, blogs, SNS, etc., to ensure the diversity of information sources, convenience of public opinion management, and high efficiency and completeness of public opinion monitoring.