Shenzhen Kehua brought high-quality high-power charging solutions to the China Automotive Supply Chain Conference

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/PRCWT/Wuhan, November 14, 2023 - On November 10-12, 2023, the "China Automotive Supply Chain Conference and the second China New Energy Intelligent Connected Vehicle Ecology Conference" was held in Wuhan China Chegu International Sports and Cultural Exchange Center. With the theme of "踔厉 Work hard to overcome difficulties -- Building a Safe, resilient and green Automotive Supply chain", the conference brought together hundreds of entrepreneurs and industry experts from the global automotive industry chain to carry out in-depth discussions on hot topics such as supply chain security and layout, the building of new automotive supply chain, the upgrading of traditional supply chain, and high-quality sustainable development.

Fan Zhiqiang, product director of Shenzhen Kehua Hengsheng Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to attend this meeting and bring the theme report of "High-power charging facility solutions, enabling high-quality development of the industry". Fan Zhiqiang said: Driven by the national development plan for the new energy automobile industry and the dual carbon goal, people's demand for electric mobility continues to grow, and new energy vehicles and charging piles are also developing rapidly. However, the charging pile industry is also facing some problems.

First, the reliability of the charging pile is low. According to the data statistics of a mainstream operating platform, the average failure rate of the industry charging pile is as high as 3.11%, the charging success rate is as low as 95.75%, and the online rate is as low as 4.01%, which greatly affects the operation of charging stations. Second, the user experience needs to be improved. The noise of high-power charging pile is as high as 80dB(measured by multiple stations), which is easy to disturb the public; The average weight of industry cables per meter is up to 2.96kg, and it is laborious to use. Third, the economy is relatively weak. The ratio of charging piles above 180kW is only 15% at present, and the power of integrated charging piles is not shared, resulting in low power utilization; The distribution capacity utilization rate of conventional fast charging station is low (about 70%). It is difficult to operate and maintain charging stations in high-speed service areas, towns, western areas and other places, and the efficiency of traditional means is low. Therefore, the future charging pile must be developed in the direction of high quality.

Based on industry development trends and distress points, Kehua has launched high-power charging facility solutions, including 360~960kW air-cooled and 480~800kW liquid-cooled rectifier solutions, supporting the flexible collocation of 250A fast charging terminal and 600A supercharging terminal, which can meet the application needs of different high-power charging scenarios. In addition, the scheme also has five characteristics: high system reliability, good user experience, more convenient operation and maintenance, superior comprehensive cost and strong program expansion.

1) High reliability of the system: precise thermal simulation, key device compartments, flow sharing in the same path, double circuit and other design methods, supplemented by multi-point temperature, pressure, liquid level monitoring, to ensure high temperature full load output; Integrated more than 60 safety protection measures, combined with more than 10 years of air cooling and liquid cooling system technical experience, to ensure safe and stable output; Relying on the double backup of the main and secondary cards and the algorithm optimization technology of the communication software, the online rate is improved to more than 99%; Through self-research and self-production, KPS lean production management, strict ATE automated testing and high temperature full load aging test, to ensure the low failure rate of products, leading the industry.

2) Good user experience: the maximum support for "charging 3 minutes, battery life of 200 kilometers", so that charging as fast as refueling. Through a variety of noise reduction technologies such as intelligent fan control algorithm, noise reduction device selection, sound absorption and noise reduction of the whole pile structure, and unique air duct design, the noise of the air-cooled rectifier cabinet is less than 65dB and the noise of the liquid-cooled rectifier cabinet is less than 60dB, making charging more comfortable; The use of line gap reduction technology can reduce the outside diameter of the ordinary gun line to 30mm and reduce the weight by 36%; Using liquid cooling technology, the outer diameter of the liquid cooling gun line is reduced to 24mm, and the weight is reduced by 50.2%, so that the charging is more labor-saving.

3) More convenient operation and maintenance: Supported by A7+Linux system, it supports direct connection to two platforms, and supports access to Kehua intelligent operation and maintenance platform to realize intelligent analysis of equipment status and active operation and maintenance reminder on the premise of meeting operational requirements; With functions such as fault recording, log export, remote OTA upgrade, and device usage statistics, it can remotely locate and diagnose more than 90% of abnormal problems, reducing the average troubleshooting time from 3 days to 1 day.

4) Comprehensive cost optimization: Dynamic changes in battery demand power during charging, using ring topology + intelligent flexible switching algorithm, 40kW switching can serve more parking Spaces under the same power, and the power utilization rate is as high as 90%, improving operating income; Dynamically adjust the power limit of the charger through local power limiting or fully limited power technology, which can increase the utilization rate of distribution capacity by up to 20% and reduce the cost input; And relying on the characteristics of high reliability, good user experience and more convenient operation and maintenance of the system, the cost is reduced and the efficiency is increased, making the whole life cycle cost of the charging pile lower.

5) Strong program expansion: In order to solve the problem of insufficient power grid quota in the context of the development of high-power charging industrialization, Kehua can provide PCS+ energy storage battery solutions, and innovatively launch V2G+ decommissioned battery solutions to form a "storage and charge" solution. In addition, Kehua self-developed modules, charging piles, power station chargers, photovoltaics, energy storage and other products can be flexibly designed according to the needs of actual scenarios, and provide customers with highly reliable and landing cutting-edge technical solutions such as "optical storage supercharge", "super charge replacement", "V2G optical storage supercharge discharge inspection and replacement".

In the exhibition area outside the conference, Kehua displayed 7-960kW full range of charging and replacing products, intelligent transportation energy solutions and application cases, attracting many visitors. Bi Chao, Deputy Director of the Power Grid Department of the National Energy Administration, Tong Zongqi, Deputy Secretary General of China Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance, Shi Guangyou, Secretary General of Wuhan New Energy Automobile Industry Association and Li Qingzhong, Vice president and other leading experts also came to the booth to visit and exchange, and Zhang Hua, Business director of Kehua Central China Region, received. And explain and share the industry leading technologies and demonstration cases such as supercharge, V2G and multi-energy integration.

With the prosperity and development of the new energy vehicle industry and the orientation of market demand, Kehua's high-power supercharger products and solutions have accelerated their landing across the country to provide a high level of charging services for new energy vehicle users. Looking forward to the future, Kehua will give full play to the advantages of power electronics technology for more than 30 years, adhere to innovation drive, and provide customers with highly reliable charging and replacing products and services. At the same time, Kehua will also work with global partners to jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of the automotive industry and help build a zero-carbon future.

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