Yu Neng Technology appeared in the United States RE Solar Energy Exhibition, enabling the collaborative development of light storage!

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/PRCWT/ Guangzhou, September 14——From September 11 to 14, local time, the 2023 American RE+ Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yu made an exciting appearance with the latest distributed optical storage full-scene solution, and displayed micro inverters DS3, QT2 series, component-level shut-off RSD series, energy storage inverter ELS series and other products, which attracted numerous fans.

RE+ Solar photovoltaic exhibition by the United States Solar Power Association (SEPA), the United States Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) co-sponsored, is not only the largest solar energy professional exhibition fair in North America, but also the world's solar industry in the most influential international exhibition.

Extreme safety is the trend of The Times

For a long time, the United States has been the core region for the development and application of MLPE component-level power electronics technology. Thanks to the blessing of safety standards (NEC2017&2020), the United States is in the "high ground" in this field, both from the market and technical point of view, and in the face of the expanding market demand, many "players" have gradually emerged.

Yuneng Technology has been deeply engaged in the MLPE component level power electronics field for more than 13 years, with research and development and innovation as the core, relying on its own excellent performance, localized sales, technology and storage services, products are favored by users. At the exhibition site, Yu Technology brought a new generation of 20A high-current high-power micro inverter DS3, QT2 series products, the two products are also the first micro inverter products on the market with an input current of 20A, can match 182, 210mm large-size components, and comply with the United States UL 1741 SA(CA Rule) 21) Safety standards, with safe, efficient, intelligent and other characteristics. With the "first" technology,DS3 and QT2 series products have become the most dazzling star products in the exhibition hall, and have received a lot of attention.

Also on display is the component level shut-off RSD-D, which conforms to the American NEC The requirements of the 2017/2020 (690.12) standard and SunSpec certification, in critical situations, can achieve rapid shutdown of the module level, eliminate the DC high voltage existing in the photovoltaic system array, and make the use more safe and reliable, conforming to the development requirements of the U.S. photovoltaic market.

Efficient and reliable, providing energy for the family

As one of the important components of distributed optical storage in the United States, household optical storage has developed rapidly in recent years. At this exhibition, Yu Technology shared the solutions and products of household optical storage system, using AC coupling technology solutions, which are suitable for photovoltaic storage and new markets to meet diversified application needs.

Among them, ELS series of energy storage inverter products, small size, light weight, convenient installation, can be compatible with 48V low-voltage battery, inverter efficiency of up to 96.5%, through the effective use of photovoltaic power and peak and valley energy conversion use, can be rationally allocated electricity, reduce energy waste and electricity costs. In addition, the ELS-5K also has an off-grid function, which can provide continuous power to the load when the grid is down, providing a reliable and efficient energy storage solution for household life.

Technology enables the Green age, innovation touches the two-carbon future. Yu will always take technological innovation as the core, keep up with market trends, bring more breakthrough solutions and products for users and the industry, achieve continuous transcendence, create more possibilities, and let more families enjoy the good life brought by clean photovoltaic energy!

Source: Corporate press release
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